Some of my poems and thought

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  1. I punch your face
    So be ready to embrace
  2. It doesn't have to slip away
    That honeymoon phase
    It can last forever
    It should last forever
    As long as there's love for one another

    Is that truly a correct statement
    Or falsified matter of thought
    To love you like yesterday
    Would that be love enough?

    To think of you as my one and only
    God, how forever I would be lonely
    Because thats how it is now
    No love of yesterday
    Just love given and gone

    Lost in this landslide of possibility
    I cling to the thoughts of forever having you
    Nobody else to kiss your lips ever again
    Nor for you to have any other friends
    But me

    Not forever and not here
    Not now
    My love for you was lost again yesterday
    And the love I give you today
    It won't be there tomorrow
    We didn't lose the honeymoon
    I lost you.
  3. Creep Alert

    I can't fathom the thought of being insignificant
    A useless waste manipulated to raise your self-esteem
    That someone could want you so terrifyingly
    At a push of a button you could tear their whole world apart to
    Non-existent molecules slowly degrading
    Into an unseeable figure, an atom
    To be told you can't communicate with me any longer
    Would be the breaking point of my entire body
    my soul lost and to never be mentioned
    Again in a world so breakable and desolate
    The power withheld over me, the figurative speech becoming literal
    Can one even bare the grips of death and symbolize it as love?
    The gripping on wearing thin, yet never to give up
    Everything a heart could desire is found by killing itself slowly everyday
    That you decide to slip far beyond my reach, and then come to me again
    Not even like a lost puppy
    But as an all seeing and all knowing goddess of mis values
    Values of others that could tend to your needs
    Lesser than those of the dying breed
    To be put first above all that is righteous
    yet immoral to the slightest
    And again I still crawl towards your beckoning calls, anytime I know my love is in the heat
    Slowly dropping those around by only caring to succeed
    in the department of my holy Queen and forever love to be
    But sit there later and will you call me a creep?
    Am I annoying to you today, or will it be the next, will you call me a creep?
    Decide I'm making everything awkward, but in reality you're just afraid to take in the emotion of love
    To lose power over me just for one second is torture and shameful, but I'd cuff myself to the devil himself to land just a kiss, will you call me a creep?
    When I finally burst and explode all emotional thoughts an atom of chaotic love letters held within…
    Will you call me a CREEP?
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  5. This brings back memories...
  6. Hold up how he get this name
  7. True, they don't have to rhyme, but they need a rhythm
  8. If you want to add anything by all means, go ahead. I'll try to come up with something new and post it. Been a while though.
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  11. Nice thread. :) I posted this one in the cypher thread, but I'll post it here too. It is more poetic than rap anywayz. :)

    Death comes on swift wings
    a freedom from which, peace brings
    air over a striking blade sings
    cutting down peasants and kings
    women and children running from things
    better left unsaid, or done,
    your either dead, or you run
    a revolutions begun,
    a blade or noose or bullet from a gun
    is the future for your daughter or son.
    Better get away, get out into the sun
    into the light and outta the darkness,
    Hark! This, Its relentless,
    could you prevent this?
    as pretentious, egotistical mensch list
    the reasons why many thousands of lives are pissed
    against the wall of resistance to the 'natural' order,
    Hail disorder! Ima marauder, of chaos, railing against the broader
    mainstream concept of whats normal, i oughta
    break it down smaller, sos you can turn the corner
    sees that i warn ya.
    its your lives you place
    in the trust of politicians in Brooks coats
    who chase votes
    so they can taste power,
    in their ivory tower
    kow towing to agendas with no face
    you'll be left in last place as they win the race. Word.

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