Some of my poems and thought

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  1. Kingdom how. These came out of my mind
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  4. Dang dude! Those are some good poems.
  5. I think you should have changed your name to the_poet or bard or something. That would be pretty suitable.
  6. Sorry for the wait. Here's # 8


    Quietly we start
    Not always we accept
    The travel through life
    We all depart
    In the begining
    Everything is simple
    We see the world
    Through the same eyes
    Carefree we go

    Learning more and more
    Each day
    We witness the world
    In different ways
    Discovering emotions
    We never knew
    Some we like
    And some that sting
    And gaining memories
    Of friends and family
    We cherish throughout
    The years

    Towards the end
    We look back
    Remembering the 
    Time we had
    The joys
    And sorrow
    This journey produced
    Leaving a legacy
    Of what we did
    On this jorney-
    A journey called life 
  7. I realy like that one.
  8. A haiku from me

    Haikus are stupid
    They never make any sense
  9. Haikus are not stupid

    they make you think
  10. Lol. I think I've seen something like that before.
    I think I'll post another one.
  11. Irin #2

    I'll forgive, and I'll forget,
    and when it rains, I will get wet,
    but I had fallen, and was not caught,
    I may never remember, what I forgot.

    Everything, that I had learned,
    lost it's place when I was burned.
    But that's okay, I'll start anew,
    and I wil always be with you.

    But should I ever fall again,
    I know you'll catch me, in the end,
    because I put my trust in you.
    Look at me, and you'll know it's true.

    The darkness fades in hopes new light,
    and there's no need to hold on tight,
    but I ask you now, don't let me go,
    just love me now, and let it show.
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    nice irin
  13. Thank you. I really like all of yours too!
  14. Those were nice ones