Some of my poems and thought

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  2. Whooooa that was good 0.0 I bow to your greatness. I'm not good at poetry, but I am very good at literary analysis. I saw the symbolism ;)
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  4. Thanks. But my pulse is of for them. I need to work on that
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  6. Poetry has no rules. You don't have to follow any set of rules. Just do what you feel is the most natural for you. I like your style although it may not be my favorite.
  7. The 5 before I started doing requests u mean
  8. Do a poem about Portal
  9. I like 6 and 7 the best
  10. Nice colonial they are nice poems
  11. Srry ryol I really don't know what kind of game portal is. I've seen it played but I never really had an intrest in it.
  12. Colonial, I'm really happy you did this, and I hope you get the same peace that I do out of it. I think I'll post one now.
  13. Dude I've seen half these on the Internet
  14. Irin #1
    hope within

    my love of life, my hope within,
    my truths and sorrows must begin.
    The tears I shed, the words I write,
    giving me closure, giving me light.
    The life I love, as seconds go by,
    leaving forever, but keep it I try.
    Then there's the pain, that won't leave me be,
    when all that I have is a wish to be free.
    I take a deep breath, and times running out,
    no one can hear me, as I try to shout,
    the world is a blur, racing through my mind,
    my heart is pounding, trying to find,
    a reason to live, a hope within.
    I take a last breath, for, I cannot win.
  15. I promise that you won't find mine on the Internet.