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  1. Do you consider some hip hop artists to be poets? I'm not talking about rap crap like Soulja Boy. More like emcees such as Eminem.
  2. To me it depends on what the songs meaning is. But yes in a way they are poets
  3. Ah soulja boy I dislike him
  4. Can anyone post a poem?
  5. I dont see why not. Go ahead ryol
  6. I feel like a giddy little school girl, free to do anything!! Except minus the girl
    and add a boy... That's me, right now, at this moment, because you said I can write a poem...... Ok here goes
  7. If anyone wants to post a poem or thought down i guess its ok. Just nothing racist, sexist, perverted, basiclly nothing that could hurt pols feelings. That's not why I created this. I made to try and help others with certain problems
  8. Ryol #1

    When the light shines down
    We must scurry in fear
    like cockroaches revealed from a shadowy grave
    We are the people
    to show the way
    we are the people
    to make ones day
    we know not what we do
    we only know the happy few
    of all the people who hold onto
    a new beginning, a new end
    when night befalls
    we must scurry in fear
    like how the sun rays set on a midsummer day


    I just made this up 2 minites ago -.- so I don't know what it's supposed to mean >.>
  9. That's ok ryol someone will find a meaning
  10. Can someone give me a topic to write about
  11. Ill see what i come up with. Itll be a while. I put alot of thougjt into these
  12. K here's my 6th one thx for the topic ryol.


    Gently cooing in the wind
    And cool to the touch. 
    Pleasent to the eyes
    While calming as a soothing
    Warm in the sun
    Cool on the feet
    A patch of grass
    To rest my head
    As I watch the clouds
    Drift high
    I close my eyes
    And start to dream
    As I lay in the grass
    On a mid-summers day

  13. Blumpy is this more what u were thinking of by a romantic poem
  14. ah, midsummers days.... They're popular in poems
  15. Yes, romanticism is mostly about nature. Try one about a river.
  16. I couldn't think of anything else that would hopefully put a smile on your face. That would go with that poem
  17. Number 7. Sorry for the wait

    The River

    Tranquil as the waters move
    Silently we drift along
    Without a care in the world
    We gently hum a song
    Down the river we flow
    Watching nature
    Going by. 
    Suddenly we pick up speed
    As the waters narrow
    Heading for the rapids
    Our test of might
    Dodging every rock
    Jutting from the bed below
    We gather our courage
    Pressing on within our soul

    Little by little 
    Our ride comes to a close
    As we travel down
    This river that flows
    Quietly we ride along 
    Listening to the flow
    Soothed by the ebbing 
    Of the river flow