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  1. I was told I should create a thread for these. Plz take the time to read them. And tell me what you think. I'll update as I think of them.
  2. Here's the 1st one

      When we leave this plane of exsistance we try to leave behind a legacy or a memory of some great deed either of good or evil. When we move on we will always leave a mark, a mark of what we've done and acomplished. Wether it's a path of destruction, or a movement of selflessness, something is left behind for the world to learn from. People will always seek imortality in any form they find most pleasing to them.

      We're always looking for the dare to be great feeling, a feeling of acceptance in our lives. Some find this extrodanary feeling while the majority are left In the dust losing sight of what matters. Those people end up losing sight of their dreams just because they gave up.  Though on occasion someone comes along offering guidance. It could be a path of financial help, spirtual help, or even physical guidance, eventually someone will offer a hand wether we ask for it or not. No matter what happens in life, ALWAYS look for those willing to asist you on your journey in life. Those people could be anyone from a family member or a complete stranger passing by.

      If you ever find yourself doubting your judgement or feeling like the world would be better off without you, think again. There are many people around you who learn from you and look up to you for guidance. You may not realize it at all, but you do make a differance in many ways. 
  3. To that's a dope peom and so true that's deep
  4. Thx I have more. I'll post
  5. Here's the 2nd one

    Off-track and confused
    Wondering which direction to go
    Questioning past decicions
    Hoping they were right
    Asking myself what to do
    Waiting for my answer
    Lost in darkness
    Trying to find a sliver of light
    Calling out silently
    To someone for guidence
    Quietly wishing for a little hope
    Never sure what will show
    Feeling cold and empty
    Searching for myself
    Hoping the end of my struggle
    Is close to an end
    Just as those befor us
    Searching for global love
  6. Some poems won't really ryme. But I tried
  7. Poems don't have to rhyme
  8. I know here's the 3rd

    Lost without direction
    Searching but unsure for what
    Pondering the unimaginable
    Wondering the impossible
    Asking what tomorrow will bring
    Questioning every thought that passes through my mind
    Contemplating what others will think of me
    Unsure what I am doing in life and where I will end up
    Seeking someone that understands my delima
    Hoping I will find myself 
  9. The 4th

    There is a time in everyones life where we feel lost and unsure what our heading is. We may think we are alone and that no one knows how we feel, but we must realize everyone has been through this phase. Maybe not as severe or the same problem. What I am talking about is Depression, it happens to all of us no matter how old you are. For everyone the symptoms differ. It may develop through stress or it might be genetic. Ether way you are not alone, no matter what you think there are people around you ready and waiting to help you through your journey. All you have to do is look around, it could be a friend, family member, or just take a look around. 
  10. Gotta say normally i don't like poetry but this is really good it shows the point very well and it's easy to get very beautiful better then the crap I'm reading in school
  11. It probably because people can relate to it. At least I hope
  12. 4th is my fav. 
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    I'm told I have a burden
    That isn't mine to bear.
    A sense of desolation
    No person should endure.
    Pointless confrontations
    Ending in despair.
    Always keeps me asking
    What we're doing here?
    Never understanding
    What our morals are,
    Hoping that one day
    Peace shall reign once more.
  14. Thx everyone
  15. Alright that's all the prewritten ones I did. Now when I get inspired I'll post the finished piece here. Until then enjoy what's here and feel free to comment.
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    Plz try to keep this alive. It may help someone.
  17. I personally like the fifth one best. Can you try a poem with a lighter mood? I understand that you are more of a realist, but I prefer more romantic (not romance) poetry.