Some Important Clarifications

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  1. Should be a pretty simple thread. There are a few things that I, and surely others, have questions about.

    Have charms slowly been loosing value/power? I have heard that its been happening but not 100% sure.

    Are the stats from furnishing applied the same as stats from charms/equipment? If not how are they applied?

    Thats it. If clear answers are given with no arguments as to what the answer is then the thread can be locked.
  2. Have you not read Karmas thread?
  3. The one on why charms ruined kaw? Yep i read that but i dont think is answered either of the two questions?
  4. Already asked devs. Furniture is 100% add to your stats while charms are "Usually about 10% of the converted item".
    So I think they may change it ever so slightly depending on stuff but it's probably best to assume 10% exactly. Just easier to figure out.
  5. I’ll clarify your questions.

    Yes charms have been losing value, but not power, right now there is more supply than demand.

    Furniture operates on a “you get what you see” kind of system. Meaning my 3,179,950,000 att/def/spy att/spy def is basically what I get.

    Charms provide the same % bonus as bfa, which is 2%. Not 10%. 2% of the stats you see on each charm is the actual bonus you get to your raw stats.
  6. ok, the 2% you are talking about is for bonus to allies stats, does that mean the bonus from furniture isnt 2% of what you see? As in if furniture was factored into bonus to ally stats you would have 3b?
  7. I asked the developers about furniture a few days ago as I wasn’t sure either, nobody I knew actually knew either.

    So the:

    3,179,950,000 att
    3,179,950,000 def
    3,179,950,000 spy att
    3,179,950,000 spy def

    Is exactly what I get as a bonus. Not 2% of those stats, but exactly the stats you see.
  8. Bonus is to your attack/def power right not the actual “stats” but your base attack power?
  9. Yea I guess so. Idk what the difference is between actual stats and base power tbh.
  10. In your case
    Base stats: ~5b att power
    8.5b def power
    110b spy att power
    110b spy def power
    Actual stats : ~110mil att power
    170mil def power
    2.2b spy att power
    2.2b spy def power
  11. To my knowledge everything is added to the base stats but don’t quote me on that
  12. Oh yea. Those are the stats that I always scroll past because they seem pointless to me. Completely forgot what they even were.
  13. The actual stats your are talking about it 2% of the base stats you are talking about. So then if furnishing is added to base stats then it is the same as charms and bfa as in only 2% is added to actualy stata
  14. It’s just another reason to not play this app...whether it’s charm collecting, furnishings or allows they all take money and time play and hitting premium ebs to build why is one 100% bonus and everything else 2%....why weren’t they all 100% from the start seeing as the game is pay to play ...why now change the formula to protect lbs ?...why for 8 years was anything you gained over time under valued at a 98% loss just for the sake of leveling the playing field....but once top 10 lbs started getting stripped by super clans suddenly they are given furnishings so most can’t and won’t ever be able to hit through that....just look at every change that was made to this game 1 by 1 from banning pwars to ruining Ee wars and so on and so on ....the players lose out and developers gain’s a joke
  15. Unironically agree, everything is a fugazi
  16. Totally agree. This whole trading thing sucks. I have things that I can’t get rid of. I advertise ,get no takers then I dismantle. Not that it matters, I get the crap drops. What exactly is upgradable? I have no upgradable walls, banners, and floors. You want to even up the play field a bit? Turn up the drop rate. Spending will always happen. Drop rates gets people excited.
  17. I would love to see better drop rates. It’s disheartening to get a wall and some event items in a paid for chest.
  18. I do love the showcase feature, it has been exploited no doubt. However when goth was released I think a vast majority of people failed actions. Now with the power of Equipment being equipped seems to help tremendously, the base stats of Showcase items are not actually super strong they are closer to the Bonus in stats we get from allies. when they are stacked they do make a massive difference with PVP aspects and I guess they also help smaller accounts hit large ebs.

    Apart from the exploits I do think Charms have a positive impact in kaw. Once the balance has been found I think most people will also Apreciate them more.
  19. 50mill ally and charm bonus is actually 1mill raw stats, you divide by 50. Furniture is the same as raw stats.