Socialism vs Capitalism

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  1. I believe capitalism would work if people were paid enough to live the way they want. I don’t see why it’s okay for people like Jeff Bozos to have as much money as he does while others struggle. It’s still capitalism if he just gave more to his employees; I’m not asking that he not be a billionaire. If I switched places with him I’d be okay with having 20B less in my personal assets. Additionally, higher taxes might be the only way for the US to escapes it’s very high national debt. I think we need to consider this in our next election cycle.
  2. I would guess a basic definition is provided for well enough by many dictionaries, but i think I understand what you mean. I don't think my response would be a short or simple one, atleast for many forumers, or one that most kawers would use their time for. Neither would most have enough optimism in achieving a positive enough outcome for the parties involved with the effort, some, might think is overly involved. If you really are interested in a better understanding here though, it would be best to pm me. I don't mind taking some time out of my day atm, here and there atleast lol, i'm not too busy recently but can not spend everyday busy writing responses, in full detail lol. Discussions might take hours, weeks or months even to fully detail the basis of yours and my own perspective. Atleast, to be relevent enough for any worthy debate to begin in context to a "working" governing body. So, i give you this fair warning lol. I have been described(by many) as an overthinker who often unneccessarily, complicates subjects, with what can be deemed as, initially and tagentially appearing amounts of information which i think relevent. My opinions, reasons and contentions surrounding multiple areas like sociology, history, politics, philosophy and science, theology, morality, etc i would include as relevent to a sometimes simple and short question. I do understand the avoidance of possibly lengthy contention defining processes, which might be followed by debates . So, I won't hold my breath with any expectation lol
  3. Amazon just raised the minimum starting wage across all employees to $15 per hour which is awesome. Being an Amazon employee part time I know for a fact that it’s been really big in helping people morale wise. Amazon is tough to work for, but starting at $15 with consistent raises of $.50-$1 (normally 1-3 per 3-6 months depending on work performance) is pretty good pay for a company that doesn’t require a degree for most of the jobs outside of office jobs.

    I understand the whole “he could do without 20b” thing. However, why should he ad a billionaire want to give that much of his personal money to people who haven’t earned it? Plus if everyone got as much money as we’d receive from that if it was distributed, it’d basically be like we were still poor. Everything would go up TREMOMDOUSLY and inflation would begin to occur. This would make the USD less valuable which would hurt us in trade deals, plus with how the government works, if they’ll tax someone who dies they will surely tax those receiving charity.
  4. So I’ve decided I want a Ferrari, 10,000 square foot home and to eat lobster for dinner every night. Obviously because that’s what I want, I deserve to be paid accordingly regardless that my skill set doesn’t merit the pay necessary to achieve it.

    See what’s wrong with that statement?

    The good news is that I have the ability to change those skills and the freedom to inject them into the economy. It will require hard work, dedication and perseverance, and I’ll probably have to get outside my comfort zone but I’ve accepted those realities and can choose to create a plan that will help me execute.

    We know this is true because there are many examples of people who are doing this as we speak. Seems like capitalism is working, doesn’t it?

    It’s ok for Jezz Bezos to be a billionaire because you have the same opportunity to create something that people want and are willing to pay for. The only thing holding you back from doing so is you. You’re also free to invest your money as he is in the same companies, products and services.

    I’m willing to bet he’s not a billionaire in liquid cash but in net worth.

    National debt is a scary topic that needs more attention, I agree with you 100%. I wish there were an easy answer but it’s not as simple as just raising taxes. Like any problem faced, we can’t develop a solution until we’ve identified how we got here in the first place. Ignoring the causation and only offering a quick fix solution allows the problem to persist and repeat.

    Have you not seen what’s happening in France over the past 90 days? You’ve described to an extent, what they did recently and the results have caused massive civil unrest as well as death.
  5. Capitalism: Bread lined up waiting for people
    Socialism: People lined up waiting for bread
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  7. He’s worth billions because he worked his ass off to get it. Why should he hand it all over to people who aren’t willing to work hard for it?

    It’s also been proven time and time again, implementing more taxes on the rich, eventually trickles down and affects the poor and middle class more so.
  8. I wanna eat at Red Lobster every nite too 
  9. Socialism is what entitled millennials believe will pay for their college and make them debt free through their 20’s ....reality is the rich get rich the poor get really poor living solely off crumbs the government throws you here and there ...ask any socialist country how “good” it is there lol
  10. The thing with socialism is that it’s not only an economic philosophy but also a political one. Often the ones who lead are rich already, and continue to benefit and gain more and more power as the lower and middle class continue to rely more and more off of the upper class.
  11. Want to be rich people? Buy assets... not liabilities people. And no, Your 2018 Mustang is not an asset.
  12. 86% of millionaires and multi-millionaires are first generation rich.
  13. Fascism 
  14. That’s my point. I’m not sure what your point is but yes first gen millionaires thanks to capitalism. Thankfully!
  15. Oy vey. A bunch of Commies in here.
  16. Communism is the only way