So.. What should we do?

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  1. I don't want to be the same cs as everyone else
  2. The mecs. Are all jacked you make more too hit ppl. 3x or more smaller than your self. I have stoped spending $$$ so i was no big spender. However my 20 to 50 $$ now stays in my pocket. I feel it is nearly impossible for someone my size too grow enuf too stand a chance. Also my size has no chance in events. I enjoy pvp but now i just get smashed by players with 50 mill. Cs even with mith and full pots i csnt get through. So personally the game has lost a lot of fun. And im not a new player
  3. No one is forcing anyone to do in app purchases. In our capitalist society, money is everything so don't even complain or be butthurt about basically paying for stats. If stats and getting to the LB are really that important to you, then you will be spending the $$ or whatever.
    It really only has to do with what you want out of KaW. If you aren't willing to spend the money or etc. don't make it your die hard goal to be LB. There is so much more to KaW than being an HTE eb fairy and tapping all day to get the stats. What's the fun in that? Join an OSW, engage in PvP, do EE, meet new people and chat...hell, stat development isn't even that important or fun (in my opinion) after you reach a certain point.
    I'm not gonna complain about my relatively small stats or my mid build or whatever because I am having fun. When it's not fun, I move on. It's that simple. Hope you guys can see that too :)
    It's only a problem if you make it a problem, but thank you Rusted for finally addressing the big elephant in the room

  5. I miss sack promo and making that much on an eb.
  6. The Devs have the interest of the game and the players in mind. They don't wanna kill their cash cow. They're doing what they think is best for the game. They have a stake in keeping the game interesting and fun.

    I like the new tiers , and I like the new lands. It's not an easy task to obtain them and become LCBC.

    My only concern about this game involves the systematic dismantling of the impact of OSW. Wars were shorter and more effective in the past. Today they're long drawn out stalemates. The victory is gained almost by attrition.

    Whether the new lands and or tiers make OSW a waste of effort I can't say for now. When and or that happens I'll make a decision.

    Some people are panicked, upset and motivated toward some hasty action based on distrust. These people wanna rally others for protest. For me I just think it's too soon to say. In other words to answer the OP question we should watch, wait, and see.
  7. It's time to stop posting.
  8. Actually, I made crap off HTE for this last event. I made much more running normal high tier battles. Unless it's YOUR seal, it didn't really matter. And no one wants to seal in an HTE clan making bad pay for the chance at their seal getting a decent amount.

    I had several players seal in A8 on the last day of the event, had a full clan with HTEs lasting between 7-30 minutes (depending on time of day and open/closed). But no one had passes. Seals weren't mandatory. Hell. I just wanted to run 1 in the morning, but a que built up and one guy (shout out to chaddon) sealed like 5-6 times lol. He was 10 from top 100 I think.

    But I did fairly well, tier wise, without an HTE clan or frequent HTEs.
  9. Argoli, where did that come from?

  10. Guys!! Stop what you're doing, this is the most important thing in the history of kaw. Marvel at the wonder that is: virtual gold :lol:
  11. I see the points of view on both measures in this thread, and personally I'm neutral. Both points of view(referring to Moody and Rusted), make since. However, I think that change is necessary as the new players have trouble in this game.

    Even if it's just making a sort of, beginning clan, I'm sure the devs could make a clan that ran clans assigned for the training and growth of new players.

    Simply stating, I think that it falls on both the players and developers to help the new players in the community learn the game. I think the new feature in WC will be a nice start to things.
  12. Kaw players have been steadily decreasing, KAW will suffer the same fate as GAW and fc soon enough. Keep spending if you like, don't expect kaw to be around in another year.
  13. I'm down with stripping the big guys. I'm really glad i stopped spending money over a year ago.

    The true base of this game has become alienated.

    I guarantee if red and cella were stripped many ripples would be felt, but let's be honest, they've been through how many osw's and it hasn't happened.
  14. Twicc tried to get war clans together a couple of years ago via third party app to change kaw and couldn't manage it.

    Hitting hte clans is the only real way of affecting kaw as far as I can see. However with lb able to put up 20-30m sdt then it will mean the only ones you really affect are the mid builds, those who buy some seals but not the big money spenders. As such the aim has to be killing the clan and moving on to the next.

    It is fun hitting hte clans and if you're organised and persistent then you can bring them down them 1 by 1.

    I'm not sure you'll get enough support or willingness to do it though. Instead you'll just see kaw going through the classic change curve and end up with acceptance in a month or so lol.
  15. KaW will be around next year. As for two or three years I highly doubt it.
  16. Kaw was allways a pay to win gane.
    Ask Majesty how many Nobility he spend in past to get few millions gold,to be 1th in LB.

    But something changed.
    Events are only sucessfull with pay items or/and HtE

    The fast stat growing from old players show something in WC

    15m cs for TSG,lol
    30m cs for ....
    60m cs for ...
    Maybe soon 10m cs neeeded for fast TFO? 
  17. Who are you?
  18. It's a false quote. Kaw has never said anything of the sort.
    And I'm fairly sure its a bannable offense to fabricate a quote.
    On topic, I've always thought that hte is fine as most clans run it: 2-3 a week, 1 phase for whoever drops. No obscene money made, just enough to fuel an upgrade a week.
    But HTE clans cropped up literally hours after hte was announced, and now here we are months later, with no change happening because these clans are 90% of what keeps Kaw running.
    I agree with your first option rusted. Tear down the HTE clans, do away with the eb, and set at least one thing right in Kaw. If you need I'll be right there with you.