So I Did a Bunch of Math

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  1. I'm pretty sure that was monthly average income.
  2. Chop, I'm absolutely sure that last fact isn't true.
  3. If that were true, most working age Americans would be multimillionaires.
  4. I did to
  5. I think its wrong to insult meth users by lumping this moron in with them. A survey with a 3 person sample? That's lazy stoner math.
  6. i regret reading this thread.

    how much is kaw gold worth? nothing. it is worthless. you can't determine the value of kaw gold by what people spend on kaw, because the market isn't based on supply/demand. the price is fixed by the devs, who have a "monopoly" on kaw gold.

    there is an exception to this, but it involves breaking the ToU.

    the only way to give it a value would be to make an actual kawgold/real world currency exchange.
  7. TLDR;
    I think someone is on a bit of adderall
  8. Good times. Good times
  9. I didn't use in-app purchases in any of my attempts. Read the WHOLE thread. And I sort of used an exchange. Divide the average income of someone using a certain currency by the average amount of gold a player has out. And it has some value. 17 centilienths of a cent, 6 quadrillionths of a pence. And I never mentioned how much people spend. Are you sure you read it?
  10. i never said you used in-app purchases. someone else mentioned using nobs to determine the value of gold.

    and; unfortunately, i did read your whole thread. your methods are unsound.
  11. I get what you're saying. I wish I had had more people. I put an ad out on wc. I got three responses, plus i added mine, so I had four pieces of data. If I had more responses, I would have had more data, therefore more accurate information. If anyone is still interested in adding to the survey, post it on my wall, and the data is more accurate.
  12. And how would you have done it?
  13. Lazy stoner math!? :lol: and yes, I read it as So I Did a Bunch of Meth too. What's that like half of everyone here??
  14. how would i assign a dollar value to a fictitious currency? i just explained that.

    IF kaw gold was on a market exchange (which is against the rules of kaw), it would be possible to determine the dollar value of gold based on what people are paying for an account with x amount of assets and gold.

    (again, this is against the ToU. I am not encouraging anyone to do anything like this. i am simply stating that "if" such a market did exist, it would be possible to determine the value of kaw's fake gold at such a market)
  15. Math is my meth! I <3 MATH CLASS!!! :D
  17. Wow........
  18. if KaW gold had any market value... There would be serious inflation issues considering it spawns from nowhere and more is coming into the KaWconemy then leaving...
  19. Look, this wasn't meant to be serious, or meant to show how much you could buy with all those trillions. This is meant to show how worthless the gold is, even though it seems to be worth more to us, because we use it in this game. A lot, but KaW gold would actually be worthless to the billions of people who don't play the game. And that's the math I did to figure it out, alright? Now, wordwaster had a good point with the system against the ToU, but is doubt there is one, so we can't use that. I figured out how we could do that without breaking ToU.
  20. do it one day, multiply it by 365. i'm a genius