SMASH Monsters Android Launch!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Today we're happy to announce that A Thinking Ape's latest game SMASH Monsters is now available worldwide on Android devices!

    (You can also find SMASH in the iOS App Store here)
  2. (-__________-)
  3. Never mind 8/8 no h8 m8
  4. 3rd party advertising.


  5. lol was thinkin the same thing
  6. gg.
  7. Much better game than Kaw. No drama, lots of fun. Plus, it's poorly moderated. ;)

  8. Right on guys, great work..
  9. Please do lock it, that would be pretty funny
  10. Best of for sure. Then pull a yarmes
  11. Did you manage to fix the crash issue on multi district attacks?
  12. I'll remind the team to keep an eye on you ;)
  13. My hired team of assassin...

    Uhh... SMASH team :p
  14. 10/10 would SMASH
  15. Wut m8
  16. I would say too late in releasing android devices. Android peeps have no chance in lbs anymore unless they spend like max amount every day for 2-3 months straight
  17. Unless if there is a perk for android device peeps when they create an acc that can somewhat match with Apple device accs that are high ranked already.
  18. better chance than kaw lb though... also lb isn't everything.