Smaller war roster cap. Please.

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Should we tighten up the rosters?

  1. Keep it capped at 20

  2. Capped at 15

  3. Capped at 10

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. There is simply no point in warring if you are cr 10 down, the olny useful thing low roster players can do is dive troops and spies on tops.. That is not warring; and we don't even get victory tokens for it. It would make wars 1000x better if they were capped at 15 or even 10. 10 is great. Please support this if you Know what I'm talking about. It's not even something that is difficult to change. And would make a lot of people on the war community happy. That is all.
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  2. I support this
  3. Thanks for voting
  4. How many votes does it take to get something through?
  5. Just do only the wars capped at 10, stop complaining about it, dumping on tops is just as crucial in weakening them, if you don’t understand that you shouldn’t war
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  6. I'm well aware it's useful, but it's not something any tank should be doing in high tier wars. We war to have fun not just support our tops.
  7. On top of that we get jack squat for fail actions. I know that's not a problem for you. But there is a reason not many ppl war.
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  8. Where can i find forum to support losers in war get zero tokens? Small don't want to dump? (It is crucial). Give losing team zero items and winners 600 regardless of actions. Get 600 just for being on winning team and zero on losing team. All participants must war hard for rewards. That being said, ss should be 7 days instead of 3.
  9. The only problem with this is that it makes it not skill based on being top 100/50/10 because it just comes down to who has more time available even more than it is now. It also makes ppl more toxic.
  10. War should be contribution based ! Win or lose both sides should receive something! The more active win or lose the more you get, the less active you get less, no actions you get zero