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  1. so xsky signing up for ASW and went inactive leaking...... and looking at lb where he volley so many to over 1q..... so its not his main. Anyone knows who he main is? any guessing? :?: :?: :?:
  2. probably wythen? he now same clan n claiming retired?
  3. he retiring but buy still hitting ebs and buying ally lololololololol, nice joke to save you after inactive in ASW
  4. with all those gold on you wythen and few other sky accounts you should strip Fury before you quiting
  5. Wythen ain't his main mate.
  6. Called selling the account lol
  7. How can you even be certain that's like saying your imaginary friend left the room 
  8. -Whythen-, a long time member of -Warlor- suddenly leaves, changes his name, and joins a random clan; at the same time xSky changes his name and joins the same clan. Both these names are Greek, with the hyphens before and after and the first and last letter are capitalized. What do you think happened?
  9. Illuminati confirmed
  10. Who cares man?Could both be his accounts,could be just some bs.Everyone plays the game in their own way,what's the point of this thread anyway?
  11. Point is a statless noob seeking attention
  12. They definitely sold their accounts lmfao. Use ur brain. Its easy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.