Simple no match fix

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  1. When u got an odd amount of clans signing for war, give the clan with the lowest prestige the no match (Pesky ffa clans..)

    Cuz garbo when 5 ffa clans all get a match but serious clan doesnt 
  2. o look whos whining about EE on da forums again. I am really suprised
  3. ffa clans are the only reason why u win
  4. ouchhh
  5. The system is not only based on how many clans sign up, also on the strength of the individual clans compared to others, maybe that helps explain why not always all clans get a matchup...
  6. That makes no sense.. All clans are equal in strength in lowland wars
  7. Nice EE 0.
  8. Look who is salty he cant war for crap and wont be let into anything but ffa clans, casting for indi without adt and going inac 
  9. every clan in lowland war has same overall stats.
  10. Nowhere in the title, OP, or anywhere in this thread has it been stated that this is about lowland wars only. Now, I have never done a lowland war, bur as far as I know eq and allies still apply in there, therefore making it impossible foe all clans to be the exact same strenght even in those wars...
  11. I guess you weren't around for the days when 20 clans would sign up and 10 would get no match ....that was frustrating
  12. Lowland is the only war where you can get a no-match.. so yes it is stated. Besides bfe and bfa is only taken into account as a % bonus in LL and doesnt affect matchups (Atleast thats what devs said..). No match is fairly random atm, and only occurs when theres an odd amount of clans casted. Nothing complicated, just 5 clans signed = 1 no-match
  13. I was around. I wasnt too bothered as you could limit the risk by changing the roster layout.. with lowland, u cant.
  14. Thats why they made LL war imo, stat gap was too big to make EE viable
  15. Support and match high prestige clans together, sick of matching noobs who sb to 60 and sleep. #NoDealsForFFAClans
  16. #BanMegFromWcingSeason7
    To make wars more fair

  17. ur an idiot lel. I'm not warrring on this acc cus I'm still converting from a tank to hansel And I don't war with FFA clans, thx.

    Anyways, continue whining on the forums like the 10 year old you are.
  18. Who are u then that is so much better than me and where do you war 
  19. Garbo build demon is pleb

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  20. Wat happened to ur Ml tags, ur like the only merc in history to know how to war 