Simple idea to reduce but not elimate MB Hopping

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  1. I enjoy MB hopping and also like having a clan to call home (RET). With that said I typically get more Fate plates in a day by hopping than I do in a week of staying home-and we turn eb’s pretty quick at RET. I have gone literally days with no drops and it really gets frustrating. I hear the same thing in cc from perm members all the time.

    To level out the playing field why not increase the qty of drops given per eb by 15-20% then reduce the amount given out to players who only log hits during the mb by 15-20%? Increases the odds a perm player will get a drop but doesnt elimiate the idea of hopping, especially if you are going to xystal between jumps. I would think it’s an easy software change but gives back some to those who stay put and keep the clans going. Thoughts?
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  2. Devs arlready out in place something similar to that but it isn’t strong enough. They made it so that the more actions you do on a particular eb the more likely you are to get drops. But this change wasn’t even noticeable.
  3. It needs to focus on the MB actions to work. If you only hit MB it lowers your chances.
  4. I have noticed the change in a small fraction. By my observation if I've hit consistently every phase 8/10 ebs I get some kind of drop. Idk how it is for others but it's just from what I've seen. I have also cruxed during some ebs.
  5. Ive not tried to hit every phase. Unfortunately im like many that can only get on and do a full unload every hour or so. I definitely get more plates doing a half unload on a MB then jumping to another to do the second half than I do just staying in clan and doing a couple full unloads per eb currently.
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