Simple clan loyalty idea

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  1. Loyalty idea= gone out of WINDOWS
  2. Just throwing this out there, not sure if possible, but maybe somehow you could increase amount of drops in regular ebs to those that stay in same clan for a certain period of time and/or increase the actual drop items ( in other words say the chest that gives crestplate frags would have better reward for those thats been in clan for said period of time) given after a certain period in same clan, so that people staying loyal in clan could essentially get same increased drops as those hopping? Then it wouldnt punish those hopping or going to premium eb clans but also wouldnt punish those that are not hopping to keep clans running and would encourage those that really dont wont to hop to stay in home clan.
  3. I'm glad the devs are communicating with the community. And I'm double x2 glad they understand a player base issue. As you said yourself its genuinely less profitable on the side of Crestplates (and shards but no one really cares about the Shard) to sit in a clan. Instead of punishing clan hoppers, consider rewarding people who sit in a clan and hit ebs? I think that's the overarching message that I see would best fit this scenario.
  4. Thanks for engaging Winston. Clan loyalty has been an issue for a while, however since the introduction of the fatesands crestplate drops it has become even worse. Player growth is now massively skewed towards clan hopping rather than merely very skewed as it was before.

    I understand the desire to prevent alt exploits, however clan loyalty is a problem that has been made worse by the changes made to the game recently. Even LB clan stalwarts are now hopping.

    If there is no solution that works to give extra loyalty rewards then perhaps some work on clan management would help instead. For example;

    * Clan Auto Join based on criteria / white list for players
    * Persistent Admin Rights - if you leave and return within 24h your admin status is restored
    * An accept all button for clan application

    At least this would make managing hopping easier.

    Anyway, thanks again for engaging Winston, looking forward to hearing your ideas.
  5. Support to anything that promotes clan loyalty
  6. You can add a datapoint so that every user can track the past 50 ebs they have participated in. Clan loyalty can be assigned based on clans you stay in the most with %bonus that grows minutely. E. G. Player is in Clan 1 has 15/50 of past ebs so bonus given is 1.5%. He will sometimes rotate between main clan and sub clan when they need help for clearing. NK or premium ebs does not count as only 0.1% for the past 50ebs, so weekend hoppers are safe. NK gain a flat 5% payout increase after hitting in that clan, HTE flat 2% and RWB flat 1%. This would encourage premium within clans and help grow smalls.

    Mean to say if past 50 ebs, a player can hit the cap for loyalty bonus if they hit premium ebs for multiple clans, while those who stay around like admins also can keep the same bonus. The bonus is for eb count so leaving for EE wars won't affect bonus.
  7. Clan loyalty starts with the players, there should be no reason to incentivize that. If a player doesn't care about clan loyalty then that's just their choosing. Some clans actually rely on clan hoppers to finish their ebs, this is more obvious ever since the mercs clan died. Each player should just play the game the way they want to.
    As previously mentioned clan loyalty starts with the player, personally I'm quite happy with the way thing works right now. Besides clan loyalty usually comes with its own perks anyways, the occasional NK, or ZTA, run by clans are usually kept for perm members in one form or another.
  8. support maybe have a clan activity req to get chest or even silver bars, current event setups encourage clan jumping.
  9. Wheres loyalty when u clearly cannot stop clan jumping. You talk of loyalty when you have been sat there in your clan for months or years (NOT GROWING). As the game was Intented on PVP but instead kaw developers changed that with Alot of PVE. If developers paided us gold once a week or return of YOUR so called ( LOYALTY) Scheme surely a REWARD is at stack Too.

    I'd advise thinking again on the loyalty idea because clearly if developers designed this feature u would clearly mess (UP) the mechanics of peoples accounts and time, also waste gold if u had to (BUY IN LOYALTY) with in GAME. (LOYALTY=GOLD=JUMPING=NO LOYALTY=WASTE OF TIME=No REWARD). This idea would not work at all.
  10. They designed the whole event setup to hide the truth that our game has an intact tendency to lose players. Hoppers make you believe that there are still ten thousands of active players.
    Why would they make people stay at home and quit?
  11. The simplest solution to clan jumping is if you are not present at the start of eb then you don’t get any legend or sand plate drops. You would qualify for gold end drop based on your activity but nothing else.
  12. Don’t want to kill clan jumping just nerf it. So raising fatesand drop thresholds based on actions in the eb is the best way to do it which they just did at the start of this event
  13. clan hoping happens in events because they want quick event items or more fatesand drop chance a suggestion instead of actually making jumping a penalty and also to kinda of curb alt abuse adding 1.epic battle participation requirements to get loyalty/activity buff 2. making it a reward buff which could either give % boost to stats or drop rate increase for event items/ plate chance even if minuscule 3. having buff increase based on time spent spent/total activity spent in clan 4. (separate idead)could add clan loyalty shop ,gain loyalty points only if actively hitting certain number of clan ebs per week amount of points gained increases by time spent , clan shop could include buffs for the player while in the clan which could either scale to time or that you could level up with loyalty points- last idea would be a bit of work, like anything there is potential for it to be abused in some way but I think if making a clan size requirement epic battle level requirements might help avoid some.
  14. How about increase plunder of a player the longer it stays in clan. The plunder reset each time a player leave a clan
  15. i "think" the drop rate was changed by how active / actions done on an EB (for fatesand plates). I hop clans a lot, but from my points, changing plunder % (or adding more) or giving players a chest a week or so for being active in the clan, wouldn't interest me into wanting to stay in a clan. Isn't a bad idea though.

    Might be a good idea to see some sort of clan event, or a side-legends which involves clans possibly?