Silly Question about stats

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  1. Does the castle acts like a tower?Because i was cheking around and i saw that at 0% spies with my lvl2 castle i had 1,500,00,which seems static and is the same to the stats that castle lvl2 provides.But does it has the same tower mechanics? :?: :roll: And sorry for the not corolfull topic :!: :roll:
  2. Castle is a static bonus. It doesn't give troops, but gives the bonus to stats. So basically a tower. 
  3. No. Each time you upgrade the castle it gives even stats. The first time you upgrade it, it give you an additional 40,000 attack and defense and 30,000 spy attack and defense and the second time you upgrade it, it gives you an additional 20,000 attack and defense and 10,000 spy attack and defense.
  4. Farr, except the tower only increases your defensive side, this increases everything.
  5. Yeah. But the mechanics are pretty much the same.
  6. I guess you could say that.
  7. Yeah. Well it's a bonus to all stats without troops. Basically what a tower does. Stats don't change with number of troops left. Like a tower.
  8. I'd say it's a mix between a tower and the type of building like a COE.
  9. Yeah pretty much.
  10. Because it gives the neutral stats like a COE, but doesn't give any troops or spies like a tower.
  11. I guess you could say that
  12. Best way to describe it is as a castle.