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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Ruth, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. At individual wars and you try to speak in cc it says you can not speak in system wars, however, in lowlands which is a system war, you are valid to speak, so why is this? A bug? Something devs cant be bothered to do? Discuss!

    No trolls
  2. Have you tried not writing in color?
  3. I don't war so I wouldn't know lol
  4. Something to look into. Note that the op is silenced ATM.
    *and thanks Susuke Kasamama name changer troll/flamer- what was your post meant to mean, or add to this post? I'm really curious.
  5. He's moaning that it's slightly harder to read
  6. I can see it fine
  7. Thank you Bach. My thoughts exactly.
    My point was that flamer Sasuke (Kasamama) likes to just post on threads for post counts, as has, and always will. Rarely adds anything of substance of more than dust bunnies under the bed, but still tries.
    When will this turd finally just go play PIMD?
  8. Kasamama? What does that even mean, Suckltar?
    Prove that I flame.
    You just started foruming and you think you know me and my foruming style.


    I dont add anything of substance BUT I STILL TRY?
    What does that even mean?

    Why doesnt he play pimd?
    Someone with a name as questionable as luckstar telling me to play pimd.

    get out
  9. The blue on black background is eye cancer
  10. ^it hurts my tender eyes.
  11. I have played KAW for almost 6 yrs, yet says I'm just started foruming. Hint Kasamama name changer because of reasons most know, I DON'T POST COUNT. I speak only when I feel I need to make a valid point on the rare good threads here, and when I need to point out the stupid ppl like you who just post 1 to 3 word, lame ass comments. Why post then? Make some sense, but you continually go on with it. The answer as most see- flamer/troller/post count farmer. That is what I call you out on, little Sasuke Uchira name changer to hide as Kasama. Hence your name, many know you as SasukeKasamama.
    Live with your status that you created, and keep trying to hide from.
  12. Quoting to make it readable. Dark writing on a dark background is difficult to read, same rule with bright colors.
  13. Congrats on playing for 6 years.
    But you've only just started foruming. You have 1K posts. I've been playing 5+ years, 10K posts.

    You've only just started foruming.

    So what if I namechanged?
    What if you name change, suckletar?
    Are you also a namechanger!? -.-

    You don't post count but you talked about my post count. Infact you're the one who brought up post counts. Why do you care so much about them?

    You speak when you want to flame, flamer lol

    Lame as 1 to 3 word lame ass comments... You really enjoy the word "lame".

    It's such a shame luckstar, you tried to get high up on the leaderboard but you couldn't make it so now you're trying to get on the forum one lmao.

    Maybe one day, kiddo.

    Keep hiding from the truth, suckltar. Your name is like that because I swapped the l and s around *yawn*

    I was actually expecting more from you, luckstar.

    At least todd gave me some form of inc, even though it was mainly fails.
  14. I like the lame ass attempt at sarcasm. Try again Kasamama.
    And oh mighty forum poster of 10909 posts of complete crap and 1-3 word posts. We are all so impressed (does a KAW bow).

    You say "I tried to get high on the leaderboard and couldn't make it, and now I'm trying on the forum one"?

    KAW mbrs- is this a sane person thinking this?
    Where does this person come up with this conclusion?
    And funny they have to mention Todd in this when talking to me, and saying at least gave inc, but fails. Look at my stats. I wish I could stomp this piece of KAW trash.
  15. I personally think it's hypocritical that you're apart of a no drama clan yet you're clearly starting drama :lol:
  16. Look buddy, go through my history and if you can find 1-3 word posts in a row then I'll legit say you won.

    Without photoshop lmao

    Buddy, I wrote more than just the forum lb comment.

    Why are you skipping everything else?

    I REPLIED TO EVERYTHING YOU HAD, so rude... But then again, I dont expect much from flamers :roll:

    Edit:Also if the only thing that resonated with you was the forum lb thing... That must say something. Trying to deny it, hm suckltar?
  17. You added 4 more words to your normal 1-3 word thread posts. I'm amazed beyond belief.
    That is what started this, yet you think you are so special in forums. Just be quiet, and go away.
    Petition to see who wants Kasamama to just be quiet.

    Note to all, this has been a long ongoing issue between Kasamama and myself. They just thought tonight they had courage and truth.
    Negatory Ghost Rider. Try again you lying fool.
  18. When someone thinks a slight criticism is "flaming"
  19. Somebody pass the popcorn over here please
  20. How about you worry about you and less about your beloved "sasukekasamama" huh?

    Making a big deal about how many words I write, hop off.

    I already have enough weirdoes tryna get my attention.
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