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Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by admin, May 2, 2017.

  1. Errr, "Heckfire"?
    Are you guys censoring the word "hell" now?
  2. Copyright.
  3. Is the game not loading up for anyone? Not wanting to for me right now
  4. Bump for wc
  5. Still waiting <3 ^_^
  6. So far I give this game 9/10. I suggest everyone try it while It's still in beta
  7. Still waiting for my invite for this month later XD
  8. No thanks I'd rather not play a game which you'll inevitably spend development time on. which will intern lead to kaw going down the toilet. =[
  9. I typed in Heckfire in the playstore search bar and hit search,and was I surprised when it took me to PimD,why not KAW isn't it worth promoting any more.
  10. Can this stupid thread go away already? from what it seems this thread is more confusing than helping, (don't ban me devs I'm so sorry for disagreeing with you even though I'm a paying customer and you have zero respect for paying customers)
  11. Not interested
  12. Will not help ATA with anything until pc players are treated fairly on kaw. Give us access to all kaw features or forget you!!!