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  1. If you're not running the newest devices or droid versions. Don't waste your time. Even though they accept your device to beta test doesn't mean it will.
  2. Not only np but hell no.
  3. Ive seen people in the beta but haven't got my email yet
  4. I applied a while ago, got two confirmation tickets, I reconfirmed, and it responded saying like successful confirmation or something. 4 weeks later almost and no email.
  5. The confirmation is not an acceptance to the beta. Its just to confirm your email in case you get in.
  6. Yeah that's the point behind a beta. The devs optimising/testing the app to run on a wide range of devices and Os versions.
    The app has come a long way from where it started, lesser crashes and way more stable. ;)
  7. Is it any good?

    Worth quitting kaw for or is it like some game of war crap?
  8. Release new lands
  9. I can say after playing it a while it is very promising. If course it's beta so they may change every thing tomorrow.
    You'll just have to wait and see :)
  10. I had a look... Looks a bit childish I'll still give it a go anyway when it comes out.
  11. I have an open ticket for a few weeks and still havent received any help or response.
    I confirmed and never got an email to download the game.
  12. This might not be the case in every circumstance, but if you've signed up and received the confirmation, please be sure to check your emails spam folder as it will occasionally get sent there instead of your inbox.
  13. I have signed up and got confirmation but still inbox and spam messagesr empty
  14. Whos in the beta for this? I'm curious to hear some reviews so far
  15. I would like to play. You can have me silenced idc but i qeould give you some unbiased opinions!
  16. I got an email saying they will send download details 3 weeks ago now nothing pft
  17. I still waiting for it to come out I confirm my email when is it coming?
  18. I checked and we did invite you! Check the email address you used to sign up with for information on how to access the closed beta.
  19. I checked your status too and we also invited you, please check the email address you used to sign up with!