Side Legends

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by DutchRaider, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. The easy medium and hard side legends are quite easy to complete.

    Is it an idea to create a Nightmare option to that one?

    What the rewards should be is up to devs ofcourse. but maybe some idea's for that can be suggested in comments
  2. Dunno about more side legends but I don’t think the regular event tiers should ever end. Sure, stop giving out equipment at 64k but keel giving out silver bars, crux and xtals every additional 20-30k. Otherwise u have people who finish it within the first week and have nothing to do for the rest of the event
  3. Shut the hell up with silly idea. This is easy rewards why screw it up
  4. You do understand that there are players that cant even complete the medium one right?
  6. Lotl/Goth. Min 150mcs to get in. Pvp to get 1st 2/3 tiers of events. Then unlock lands and grow. Next event use deepmines from the 1st tier hard. Meet min CS. Alternatively war. That's 2500 sb plus seals easy. Lack of effort doesnt =hard

    Also I hit hard and medium on 3 accounts in the first event they did. By the second event I had over 1000 deepmines, before even doing the hard legend on the new event. It's not hard. It just requires time.
  7. How could you do that though if you are hardly available?