Showing SODs and Circles in Showcase.

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  1. So whenever you apply to an NK clan or a clan running ZTA you get the wall post first right? "Do you have a Seal?", or "Seal?".

    If it showed up on showcase it would be easy to see if they have it and also to see who's holding out when others are putting in, on the other hand would it create pressure on people to burn em?

    Support or no support and why please...
  2. Yeah would like to see how many Silph has
  3. No support, why should others be able to see how many of any pots you have? Especially the premium, paid for pots that many buy all at once (black Friday) and use strategically throughout the year?
  4. Heck no support. It's no one's business how many seals you have.

    The question "do you have a seal" is kinda meh and should be "are you going to seal?" because a scammer could easily have a seal, say yes they have a seal (or in the case of your change, show they have a seal) and just bounce after hitting some EBs or make another excuse like "oh sorry I got busy".

    Tldr; no support
  5. Yep agree with what has been said already. Things like crux chests are premium but there is no way to benefit another player using them. Seals, circled and horns can technically be used to benefit another person therefore those should remain hidden to prevent extortion.

    So no support
  6. bro i spend 5k on this game a week i buy like 200 seals a weekend you think i want people to see how much of a dumbass i am
  7. Would be a weird flex but okay
  8. I didn't think of it this morning, but of the 3 nk clans I've stayed in I've never once actually been asked if I had a seal. Always just been "please seal soon after arrival" or added into queue. o_O hmm

  9. You got a point the clans running HTE, ZTA and NK are not that many, is hard to get B2B premium these days, I guess ppl are burning to much time event after event is not even about growing but trying to get to the next legend... and the sad part is ripping the game...
  10. I’ve seen a lot of good ideas in my day and this one ain’t it chief. This isn’t a chad idea at all.
  11. No support, not other people's business to see what money some spends.
  12. At first i thought "Yeah , that sounds good." Untill I read the replys and thought about it a little bit more.

    Heres why NO SUPPORT.

    It's no ones buisness how many pots anyone has.

    Would create a way to pressure/kick people in clans who want to keep their seals/circles for later (like promo's)

    Would be a way to fuigure out who's spending and how much they are spending on the game (again no ones buisnes)

    Would not stop any scammers. All they have todo is just not drop.

    Would make some who cant afford to pay feel embarrassed for no reason .

    Would cause division when a friend with seals doesn't offer to drop even when they have a few extra and know you don't have any.
  13. No support hell devs have more important things to fix than this ...