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  1. I forgot to add what Bruce said on the Furnishing thread.

    A majority of players would rather be able to sort their charms via CS or some other filter rather than "recency".
  2. You could trade your charms that you dont want to someone that does want them instead of deleting them.
  3. Give your charms to me and I'll give them back in the order you want

    It only works if you give me everything you got
  4. I like being able to sort by category but I still need names to choose faster, bites looking through them.

    Any suggestions to make it a faster process would be awesome on my wall. €
  5. Yay... I think this is a GREAT IDEA. I'm totally OCD and it drives me crazy to see the disarray every time I go to my showcase. I would luv to be able to sort my charms by stats, type, quality and quantity. Well thought out :-* j/s
  6. When trading its kinda hard, describing the items,no names and cannot see the item cs during trade, u need to go and look at showcase first and remember it lol
  7. I'll agree that the actual trading part needs serious work scrolling through 400 items to find something is a pain.
  8. I had similar ideas....

    My first idea was to have a sort function that can be modified:
    1. •Items of the same set would be next to each other.
      •Same items of different levels are listed next to each other from high to low or the other way around depending on the players personal choice.
      •Possibility to modify by switching sets and individual items with each other.
    With togglable presets for people who want to keep it simple.

    My second idea was to have the possibility to have it sorted in:
    1. •Separate "tabs", like on items on PC or tabs on internet browsers, with buttons to switch between them. So far there are only 4 tabs needed so this should fit on every screen.
      •A variation of the tabs but without the buttons and a sideways swipable interface instead.
      •Different sections, like the marketplace on iOS/Andoid. And extension of this would be being able to make personalized tabs like "For Trade", "S3 war set".

    On another note, I'm against deleting charms. Would only lead to accidents. You can always trade them or give them to other players if you want to get rid of them that badly.

    I'm always open to donations:p

  9. So from what I hear is that there's a sort feature in the works and a few players are trying it out now. It might debut soon if ATA greenlights it!

    The current toggles are :
    1. Release date
    2. Recent received
    3. Power
    4. Custom (still testing)

    Hopefully there will be a manual/custom sort mode too!
  10. Maybe add a template showing us the total stats we are receiving from items in our showcase