Should we trust them?

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  1. Howdy forums,

    A topic for discussion and possible some quirky fan fiction for you folks but I think we should ask the following important question:

    Can we really trust our legend commanders?

    The two commanders I've seen so far (and as far as I'm aware it's current only these two ) are highly battle scarred as shown below:

    These people are sending on these quests for items. These adventures of collecting. These battles for goods and they're badly scarred and oddly cryptic with their clues.

    Can we trust these commanders? Or are they has-beens who command because they're no good at fighting themselves anymore?

    Your thoughts forums?

    Moody ️

  2. I think we can! They are clearly experienced and have done everything themselves at one point or another. I certainly wouldn't want a pretty boy giving me order to go hunt strange ears!
  3. What if his years of combat has twisted his outlook on the Kingdom and he wants to exact revenge on your kingdom for years of war and fighting and zero recognition.
  4. I don't see the colour of a mods name or any of the ata peoples names when I see a thread made anymore. The last thread caster made is normal colour not red :eek:
  5. What if he's secretly mad at you because he was a commander in your army of soldiers and that's how he lost his arm? And she's just the enemy scout he picked up in his revenge plan?
  6. You read my mind homie, gotta wait until the legend goes further to see where there allegiance lies
  7. So many unanswered questions. Maybe things will get interesting in the future of legends with extreme plots twists. The world may never know! But KaW will.
  8. There's a ginger
  9. They also seem to be at odds with each other! Maybe as a leader you employ them to play against each other knowing that they care more about bettering the other than turning against you!

  10. Maybe the final epic battle of all time will be against these "warriors". Once one comes out dominant over the other they will challenge us!
  11. Eh, who cares if I trust them or not. They give me silver bars and tokens, I ask no questions
  12. Who cares if can be trusted, they give me permanent items which makes me a fan lol
  13. Gerald Butler is a good guy good actor also I trust him idk about the chick yet.
  14. Haha i thought of gerald butler when i first saw him too XD
  15. I'll trust the red haired chick any day
  16. What choice do we have? Once you click there is no turning back

    Half the time I try to scroll down and it just goes to the next dialog

    No idea what's going on

    I can't read
  17. Can we please have a thread dedicated to documenting the story's that we are given through legends?
  18. You shouldn't trust anyone.
  19. I trust this lady who gives me weird cookies so I trust these commanders unless they bring me cookies :)
  20. Thats what people with old white vans do too