Should the US Close its Borders?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Buffalo, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Honestly we should have closed borders. We are risking overpopulation as it is. We can't financially support everyone. But it shouldn't be closed to any one race. It should be closed all around. We need to focus on our country nor everyone else.
  2. Yer 3rd on the to be chucked list 
  3. Because isolationist nationalism was never a bad idea. :roll:
  4. Everyone in this thread is soft, America ain't no damn charity center. You all need to grow up, and I now I've decided to vote Trump. This is not about racism, its about doing what's best for your country no matter what the cost.
  5. It would be best just to evict you. Or people like you send you to one of the country's these people are running from see how you deal with it.
  6. After that I think social media needs to be banned in America, its is a cancer. It makes everybody wussies. Afraid to speak their minds cause of the ridicule. People can't even talk without apologizing, most lack the confidence
  7. I know that, but it's gone on long enough, sheltering other country people will eventually always have negative effects. Sometimes you gotta say its either THEM or US, survival of the fittest
  8. That's shallow. How would you feel? If you felt like you didn't belong anywhere and your country was horrible? America is also technically owned by native American's are you going to get out of their country?
  9. Sorry i support the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. So i will always believe in Nationalism. The country is more important than any one person
  10. I do agree with this to an extent but you can't call it survival of the fittest when all you're doing is hiding behind a large wall because you're frightened.

    You don't get and won't get to do that you know. No one will have that choice soon enough.
  11. If I stay in this debate it's going to get a bit more serious than it already is, but, if building walls and hiding, scared, convincing yourselves you aren't scared, is your idea of the best thing to do and survival, a lot of people in America are going to live very short lives.
  12. The funny thing about this is you are an immigrant living in america originally from Jamaica so does this mean you should be told to get out? Because according to you america isn't a charity center. You should look up the definitions of irony and hypocrisy
  13. By "us" do you mean to say you see yourself as an American citizen? Strange how you think you and your family of immigrants should be awarded that pleasure but other immigrants like yourself shouldn't!
  14. I say not letting people in. Then once we fix the economy we expand. Letting everyone joing of free will or by force.
  15. You will also need to kick out American born supporters of terrorism?
  16. This sounds a little smarter. People will still be angry and you'll need to be careful. America isn't in charge.

    What did you mean by the last sentence?
  17. Lol my mother was born USA, she as dual citizenship buttholes, I was just born in Jamaica. I spent most of my life in America then there
  18. Home is where you make it, I don't give a damn about any of you guys nationalities. Some of you are mixed just like me, but if you don't embrace whatever culture your ancestors have why should it matter?
  19. Its like African Americans being called Africans, when their not. The people in Africa don't consider blacks in America Africans