Should the US Close its Borders?

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  1. What das Fuhrer did with the Jews worked out well for a bit for his people, I mean he saw them as a threat. He was right, years later we see what Jews have become
  2. We ain't gonna hold hands together and sing, putting up better security for out border is right. So if ya gotta single out people so be it, the drastic ones gets it done. FORCE is necessary so the future won't have to make such hard decisions
  3. Remember Jews caused Germany to suffer, its like a repeat but in this one America is responsible for it
  4. Is closing our borders to those of Muslim Herritage Justifiable? No
    Should a nation born on religious freedom judge a whole religion based on the actions of Mateen? No :cool:
    Is it right to let a few sick individuals reflect upon 2.08 Billion people? No
    Is it time to end our war on Terror? No
    Should America be supporting Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip? No
    If we forced Islam out of American borders where will we relocate the 3,000,000 Muslim Americans I could care less where they go, just go. :twisted:
    How would these drastic measures effect the United States economically? It would suck for awhile but we would get through it, we are the best nation in the world, we would survive and thrive. :D
    Would Opec put an embargo on us? More than likely :roll:
    And most importantly,WHATS GOING ON WITH TRUMP'S HAIR???Its always been screwed up, he doesnt realize how much better he would look if he would just get the Bieber cut :?

  5. Exactly which people ? The polical dissidents ? The homosexuals? the gypsies ? Anyone who disagreed with him ? And yes that whole false promises to get money aspect worked super well.
    But well done you've managed to bring anti Semitic views out to help the islamophobic argument, bet you must be proud of yourself for that.
  6. Tnt on this thread is the very reason I cant be bothered getting up in the morning. The lack of human intelligence on some people is disgustingly small.
  7. Support.
  8. Yes Swod, how very unintelligent of me to ask you for evidence to back your claims. It must be a nice world you live in, being able to make "factual" claims on whatever you want without backing and not expect anyone to challenge them.
  9. Clumzeh, aren't you one of the ones who supported those welfare recipients spitting on the american flag? Yeah, you can probably imagine what your opinion means to me.
  10. Lol okay, but all of that was somewhat necessary. Something had to be done, im not saying I regard the man as a hero, but the way our teachers taught was to hate him. Without hardly saying why. A lot of what was told was wrong, hell at that time I wish I was in Germany as a black man, they would treat us more better then America did
  11. Ok let's deal with some of that now then. You don't have to hate the corporal but you certainly should understand the monsterous actions that resulted from his words methods and ideas, if the deaths of millions the destruction of hundreds of years of art, culture and the ruin of swathes of land aren't enough to persuade you this man was a monster I'm not sure exactly what else you need showing.

    Nothing he did was necessary it was done to provoke fear inspire hate and ensure his warped ideals were put into practice, he called out the braying basest ideals gave license to the most evil inclinations of humanity.
    As for what you've told before by others and why you think it was wrong I can't answer for that but while there were horrendous issues with race and inequality in the USA in the 1930's they would have been nothing compared to the treatment his regime would have handed down.
  12. Jihad=struggle. There is both an inward and outward jihad. It does not mean "holy war" or whatever else people think it does.
  13. Trump's method is to hire small businesses to do work for him and then just not pay them, ruining their business. There are tons of stories about it happening in NYC. In the US, if a company's share holders feel that the company is not maximizing profits they can sue the company. Tells you a lot about business. It's cutthroat. You do not want to follow a "successful" businessman. They're always of the Ayn Rand type.
  14. Chuck them over a wall? What country would that be Canada or Mexico?
  15. Some real idiots commenting on here. I know every muslim including myself believe that Mateen will rot in hell and so will ISIS and other extremist groups. TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION!!! :)
  16. Of course what he did had to be bloody, I ain't praising him for that. BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE. You show me were in das Fuhrer's manuscripts or speeches, book did he say he wanted Jews dead???
  17. You do relize America's propaganda told lies right?
  18. The way I see it is, Trump wants to keep Muslims in check just like the Fuhrer did to the Jews
  19. k den, find me a quote that uses jihad to refer to a religious war. when the actual definition of Jihad is "the struggle" <- and that has been confirmed by 2 close Friends of mine who practice Islam. My post was very opinionated.