Should I have hit back?

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  1. Shoulda gotta a chainsaw made susan boyle sit on his face and cut him in half
  2. "That time of the week"

    You realize it's a once a month kinda thing right...?
  3. You did the right thing, you were the bigger person. You just smiling and walking away will make him mad. Sure he might have looked "tough" in front of people but at the end of the day you handled it the best way possible.
  4. He was deffo tryna pull
  5. 1. Well I was giving decent advice. 2. Don't pick on me I'm a waste of time. 3. I don't believe in this thread at all. I have feeling it's a joke. 4. Incase it's not take my advice or someone else and report your bullying at school.
  6. At my Jr high you not get suspended if you use "offensive" fighting so I'm guessing if he hits you your aloud to twist his arm into a chicken wing.
  7. I would go the suck think of ur favourite girl close ur eyes
  8. Just knock the bully **** out in front of his friends make the **** cry
  9. Bullies r only bullies because there DUMB and will never make anything of themselves and jealous because they don't have a brain just idiots
  10. Serious BULLIES grow a ******* brain cell
    and I am keen to take anyone on fight and IQ test I will beat 90% easy
  11. Woah there. Rough childhood?
  12. If the kid comes up to you again, do what kids dont expect. Fight like a man. Hit him in the ear, adams apple , and in the sternum. Gouge his eyes out. Grab his hand on the backside and twist outwards when he goes to shove you. Bend his arm back straight until his back is turned and then hit him hard at a downward angle on the elbow and snap it. Carry a pencil and stab him underneath the ear in the temple.

    Then you will be fine ️
  13. I'd beat the "expletive" out of him
  14. Jesus :lol:
  15. Just saying... Lol. Kids in school dont expect that reaction. Its either just a swingfest where some bruises get handed out or a one sided slapfest. Be quick and use weight distribution because at that age everyone hits like a baby 
  16. You forgot a good headbut to the bridge of the nose....
  17. @falcone. No to the headbutt dont want to get yer clothing all bloody for no reason! :)
  18. Lol fair enough.
  19. Post is fake, tried too hard to make spelling errors.