should I do a story about a witch or sword art online ?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Suzanne, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Shikatema 
  2. omg u too?
  3. Blasphemy!
  4. So I haven't looked at forums for prob a couple weeks ...then I notice the werewolf story fool is back ...can we just ban her now before this witch thing even starts
  5. Do the witch story. Much scarier than a sword art story. I've read all of the sword art stories and they all end the same. Dull
  6. Oh Suzanne you're back.
    I've missed you so much.
    Does this mean I'm finally getting my Wereshark story?
  7. No your not gonna get your story Fred
  8. Sword art online is amazing show
  9. Turns out the exam is actually tomorrow.
  10. Oh and yeah the show is pretty awesome
  11. With today's amazing release of a new shark eb I think you should reconsider your stance on making your next story a Wereshark epic.
  12. I can provide the pics. :)
  13. Well... my exam was maybe gonna be today but now it's gonna be after the Easter holidays, yay.
  14. Why not save time and pick the better qualities of the two combined and do a fanfic of log horizon.
  15. Where's the story?
  16. I'm going to make it soon
  17. Still waiting for this epic story :roll: