should I do a story about a witch or sword art online ?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Suzanne, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. SAO. Tyvm.
  2. Can I be part of the story? Thank you.
  3. Ops a witch, guys. Chill. She's obviously going to do the witch.

    Is it going to have flying brooms and black cats?
  4. Please no more stories :)
  5. I hope the witch is a werewolf witch.
  6. I hope the witch is based in the desert because I really like sandwitches
  7. Why not combine them?
  8. I see you only watch the quality animus
  9. How about a witch/warewolf/mermaid/supernatural/SAO/Knights of Sidonia story?
  10. Oboi, Knights of Sidonia. 10/10 Stuff
  11. Is this porn related?
  12. Lol forums self edited my post^
  13. I have an art exam tomorrow
  14. Needs moar time travel