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  1. Why didn't I see this sooner?!

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  2. As stated previously smash has no relation to any other Ata game. Where in smash you have to strategically place your buildings while it doesn't really matter in kaw.

    You have a non-original idea op but if ur gonna try to support it at least have a valid point.
  3. It's improved since then, give it another shot :)
  4. Lol someone clearly didn't read the whole post and comments afterwards. Run along lil doggy. 
  5. I'm not going to say that it shouldn't be added, but I have to agree with the people saying it is "pointless". It's a miniscule feature in terms of actual importance, and I'd rather have the developers at ATA work on something else rather than dedicate time to something that'll have so little benefit.

    As for why it's in SMASH and not in KaW... they are totally different games. I'm not aware of how SMASH was programmed but the fact that they are different games means that not everything has been programmed the same way, and adding the ability to move buildings in KaW may be a non-trivial development task. Just something to consider.
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  7. What are you talking about? The equivalent of Nobilty you can get from basically everything lol.
  8. Support, because I want to move my damn buildings to make my LL/HL/HF/Abyss look pretty :3

    Don't see the harm in this, devs are either fixing things that don't need to be fixed or adding updates that people don't want. Why not create a mostly unless feature that quite a few KaW players have requested?
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  10. Support.
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