Shogun's Samurai

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by Yamashita, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. After almost 2 months Shogun's Samurai has been closed , NOW WE OPEN FOR RECRUIT BACK!

    Come join our powerful family clan now!

    We looking for 1mcs+ player to join our clan.
    Refer our clanpage for more info.

    Shogun's Samurai
  2. I wonder if the OP realizes the Shogun was responsible for disarming most of the Samurai.
  3. Frog join us
  4. Get bck the Toxic Sushi i will be bck :)
  5. Toxic Sushi has been accidentally disbanded
  6. Noob clan noob OP
  7. Besides I leathered you every where in PVP.
  8. Aren't I give u free hits? Dumb dumb.. Use ur brain before posting
  9. GREAT!! Clan is doing well!! You are a great clanowner.
  10. I disbanded Toxic clan, my decision. It was a great clan, a great era..and now it's a great memory.
  11. I'll have to come visit, love u guys in the shogun family
  12. :lol: way to go, Frog

    Also, nice gif op.