Shatttered Sword

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  1. Can we please ban people that cast and do not war actively for the entire war? Just because they do one scout then go inactive does not make them active.

    It makes them a liability and THEY DESERVE TO PAY THE PRICE.

    Every war there are freeriders that cast, do 10 scouts then go inactive hoping for free medals/mith.

    It is TOTAL bS. Devs need to do something about this.

    I always enjoy their BS excuses... "My dog got hit by a car" "My car got hijacked" "my power went out"

    Its all BULL
  2. Why not take care of if yourself? This is a war game. Strip em, pin em, whetever you gotta do, but don't cry in forums about it.
  3. How about a Tear Sword awarded for crying in forums
  4. The tear sword:
    An automatically equipped weapon with -10% atk, def, spy atk, spy def.
    This weapon cannot be removed, and its effects will remain active during primal wars.
    Weapon Description:
    "You couldn't sway them with your words, so drown them in your tears"
  5. That actually sounds cool, I want a tear sword now :(
  6. Tear sword me up
  7. TNT and Notorious - the developers are idiots. If legit issues are not brought to the forums and their email they will never know to change it.

    If I farmed every person that ever was a ******** liar in kaw I would be in over my head. I don't have 23 ipads with hansels ready to jump every pos on kaw. I have no time to become the EE police of kaw.
  8. Castiel, you made the tear sword sound desirable, with the exception of negative stats of course lol
  9. I want a tear sword!
  10. When devs start doing something about it then they will move to 2 actions etc etc... Devs can only do so much, it's up to the players to fill that gap of what devs can't do. When devs fix one thing then another thing becomes the issue.
  11. That is correct. I think the best solution is community action . If someone screws up your war, farm them. Also, remember, Indi wars are common, and you can Always live for fight another day
  12. Ikr its total crap and seperate good warroirs and noobs to make it more fun
  13. Remember that guy who was inactive in war and claimed he got stabbed ? On two separate occasions 

  14. Sometimes people lie, but you won't know if they aren't. Some people are legitimate.