Shattered sword

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  1. What is a shattered sword
  2. A sword that is shattered
    Hopefully that helps
  3. It's given to those who are inactive or have an extremely low performance in war.
    The spell prevents them from casting wave of conflict until the timer is done.
  4. The timer is 3 days (72 hours) duration in total.
  5. Timer varies.
  6. Mei, would you elaborate for the op? I don’t remember the exact different offenses or the time durations or else I would elaborate more on that myself.
  7. 3 days, 7 days, 1yr, maybe a month one too?
  8. My bad, sorry. Was unaware. Thanks for the info.
  9. Devs/support have been known to adjust the timers based off of severity of the offense and repeat offenses.
    As for what causes the sword; the most common offense is no actions/being inactive in war. Being disruptive in chat is another case, but the members in clan (if it is indi) need to report the player for review for this one.
    Most of the shattered swords that exceed a few days are most likely cases that were reviewed by support.
  10. by low performance do u mean low number of successful actions? or actions at all? as someone that is just starting to war i’m quite active but match up against many larger accts than me, so most of my assassinations/scouts/steals are fails just to pin them. just want to make sure i don’t get hit with a broken sword for being very active but not many successful actions.
  11. Low number of actions at all. Even if the actions aren't successful they still count towards activity in war.