Shattered Sword

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  1. Dear Devs and Community,

    I would suggest to remove 3 days for inactivity in Wars and lift it up to 10 days or remove ee complete.
    I can understand when ppl cast and RL force them to be inactive. But i cant tolerate when ppl leak to help comrades or friends on opp side and sometimes ppl warring with 2 acc's too.

    Pls help in this matter and stop exploiting in wars, to earn event drops, etc...

    Implement a time counter in Shattered Sword for resurrences, reduce War Token payout or something else to bann leaks longer.

    Best regards....Toma
  2. Shattered swords should be held to public flogging
  3. That's too harsh.. Pillory and Tomato throwing may be?

  4. 3 days is a joke, not a punishment
  5. I like the three days, it breaks it up so I don't get bored leaking or being a mole in wars
  6. Thats a comment id expect from the devil , but you??? Ugh
  7. I say a shattered sword should come in levels

    First offense 3 days

    2nd offense 5 days

    3rd offense the whole promo or 10 days if there is no promo

    4th offense perm war ban

    In order for shattered sword levels to reset / u req to have 4 month clean war history
  8. Support a progressive penalty scheme. Sometimes Life happens and I like to give people the benefit of doubt. So the first one can be light. But if it's a habitual offender, a harsher sentence is needed as deterrence.
  9. 10 day SS is fine, you can't war for 10 days which is almost the whole event.


    How do you count people who unload then go away till end of war? These ppl need to be reprimanded as well
  10. No support sorry
  11. You use numbers, may get tricky, try using a tally chart
  12. Devs can look at activity

    They should b able tell who is just unloading and then goin inactive
  13. This is a good start to weed out those who ruin wars.

    And Kristell you stupid Nub, shut up. All you do is necro bump old threads with "Support".
    Now you changed to an EE war topic, with no knowledge whatsoever, and only offer 3 words "No support sorry". Explain yourself, or get the hell off forums.
    And btw, those posts on my wall show who the real 12 yr old pathetic loser is- YOU

    Just found this zinger post from few hours ago:
    I think you haven't played kaw very long, and/or are a complete fool.
  14. the devs are doing a great job.. sounds like earlier when i heard a dude say "ive never had a problem with kaw" during my rant about the glitches that arent being fixed
  15. Well, till now I could proudly say I never got a sword. Maybe I was a bit lucky to never had poop happening till... Now.
    Like today, I unexpectedly lost power and my phone had no sim card no I had no internet source at all. I left home to buy a sim card but it was early and shops were closed except one... Which I forgot about till it was already half war gone. Went there, bought a sim card. Came back home and activated it... Forgot to loan it!! Went back there to see if they had cards... They closed shop, wtf ? Went to another, they didn't had card but they had electricity generator to get power and do virtual loans... Which I forgot and I didn't take my new number with me.. So had to back home to look at it and go back to that store. By the time I sorted all that out, restarted phone and connected, was only a minute left on war and I couldn't do poop to help. Ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  16. And yes, I'm dumb and inefficient, if I thought all better, probably I could of been there at least half war. But no, I'm stupid. I walked half city to get data and couldn't do it on time, u.u. Oh, well!!!!!!!