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  1. PHASE 10:

    Don't get distracted!!

  2. Old post. Post something new

    4hrs late as well, noob.

    Just kidding ily really but shh don't tell snoopy.. *moonface*
  3. I like phase 5 & 10
  4. Ashes 
  5. :lol: good thread :)
  6. I know.. I know..

    I used the gif from Piranhas 3DD *gasp* in a shark eb thread..

    I feel shame..

    Shout out to kaw comm and all the devs.. good job!

    *vigorously kisses ass *
  7. It's about time the wc has something to talk about
  8. Ashes, we need a "I got sharked T-shirt" please!
  9. It says "Shark-kaw" on the title, but in the first pic I see "shar-kaw".

  10. Really!!!
    Can u guys do something better 
  11. Epic fail on kindow at eb !!!
  12. Sorry ashes. Got to 5 and got distracted.
    Will have to
    Erm yeah.
  13. nice job but need some booties :p
  14. More bikinis on sharks though

  15. For Lili.. Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads!!!
  16. bwahahaha slice and dice :lol:
  17. Too funny ty dev lol great fun for all
  18. Got distracted and failed.
    Re did, made it to the end and got distracted again and failed.

    I regret nothing.