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  1. I was around when we were in osw with zaft that was my favorite time before kaw really changed
  2. First getting to know the game, and having people I talked to every day after school.
  3. When ever I teamed up with SkinnyMinny or ColonelLeBlanc and we hit some clans and played games with them and ended up being clan farm for months was always a fun time 😊😂 .
  4. I remember when I first started, I was trying to get geared and get some lands going.
    Ended up in Murder War trying to get an item from one of the EB's that they we're doing.
    Eneded up hanging out, then the estoc trials started soon after.
    So eneded up getting in on that, which was kind of hectic.

    Wars were 4 hours, I was kinda tiny still exploring highlands n upgrading lowlands for the first bit.
    So it was interesting just trying to get everything done and be able to war at the beginning.
    I was so tiny that it took the time between wars just to get up the pots to go back to war again, and nothing else really got done for a majority of season one.

    I remember you couldn't opt out at the beginning.
    So it was jjst assumed everyone in the clan was going whether you were available or not lol.
    So there was def a few "aww crap were going" moments in most clans back then I'd imagine.

    It was all about getting pots then going to war then needed more pots to do it again lol.

    There was so many wars and they were so long it was like having a part time job tbh.
    That part I didn't much like tbh, but the rest was a really good time.
    It was a really great group of players a really interesting time in the game, and alot going on for a new player.

    Those were good times, I remember my first set (minus main hand) I was able to get the season one mithril armour before I could fill all the slots w EB gear.
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  5. My friend and I at age 14 would hang out together and do estoc wars way back in like season 2 and would do war in the same room and strategize our attacks in live action. Also hanging out with multiple people at the same time playing kaw and having a good kaw-centered time