Shaker Aamer Released

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  1. Today Shaker Aamer the last of the UK detainees in Guantanamo has arrived home. He was released under surveillance by security forces. I believe this is an amazing step. He was released following a judgement passed by 6 American governing bodies.

    Shaker Aamer underwent mental and physical torture. He was a charity worker in the middle east, he was middle eastern so security forces assumed he was a militant. A necessary the height of the conflict perhaps...not now though 14 years of torture is enough for anyone.

    What do you think of Aamer's release? Your views on the Iraq + Afghanistan wars are also welcome.
  2. Water boarding at Guantanamo Bay sounds really fun if you don't know what either of those are...
  3. No trolls. Once more and I shall ask you to leave.
  4. He's very dangerous should be out of that prison and in a safe one and shouldn't be released I don't agree with torture.
  5. Hmmm. So you think the US would release a 'dangerous militant' after four years of torture? Nope, they released a man who was falsely accused and subjected to horrible conditions.
  6. They have no evidence so they have to release him also he's been in Guantanamo for 13 years.
  7. If he wasn't a militant, he probably is now.
  8. Exactly. They have no evidence because he is an innocent man.
  9. Exactly. America needs to wake up and realize that they have sewn the seed for terrorism one to many times.
  10. It can work both ways they have no evidence but can still be guilty which is my personal opinion or be no evidence and not guilty.
  11. That is quite an illogical stance.
  12. It does, in the U.S., it's innocent until proven guilty, but in the UK, it's guilty until proven innocent. So he is both guilty and innocent depending on which country your in.

    Edit: and I'm confusing history with present day. This no longer applies due to changes of law, but it did in the past.
  13. At the end of the day you are talking about america like you live there shaker aamer is not going to America he is coming to the country I live in I can have any view I want about it.
  14. Damn I forgot everyone in the uk was jailed at birth, and only released when they are proven to have never commited any crime ever. Moron
  15. I'm Northern Irish. Shaker Aamer is a British citizen just like me. He is an innocent man and that is my view. I could arrest you for discrimination and torture you on an offshore location without sanctions. Would you like that? Would you be innocent yes. Would people like you believe you? No.
  16. This "terrorist", has been locked up for 14 years, and is now going to meet his 10 year old son for the first time......

    mmmmm DOES NOT COMPUTE..

    And the British Govt. flew him back on a private jet at an esitmated £50,000 per hr X ten hours cost.

    He is a Saudi national, why didnt he go there?

    Would the last sane person in the UK please turn out the light.

    oh and op PIPEBOMB im not sure i like your agenda....just saying, its a free country after all.
  17. His wife may have had an affair. Quite common. He was gone for years. America spends Trillions on military. 50k per hour is nothing. I am a Republic of Ireland national? Why don't I cross the border. I like it here this is my home. The UK is his home. He is a citizen.
    My name is a joke. Pipe bomb scares are happening all the time here.
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  18. Pretty sure making a thread and then attacking anyone that doesn't have your view isn't the right way to go about things but carry on.
  19. Yeah. My discussions are generally the kind which involve strong stances and patronizing those with poor opinions.

  20. My name is a joke. Pipe bomb scares are happening all the time here.

    Oh i see, your name (Pipebomb), is a joke, named after a device used by terrorists such as the IRA to kill the security forces and Protistants of Northern Ireland...of i get get it really did make me pee my pants in hysterics.

    Do you do a lot of supporting terrorists or suspected terrorists?

    Pipebombs, Shalar AAmer, bit of a theme? How about a thread about poor Bin Laden getting offed by those horrible Amercians?

    We are waiting.....