shadys leave

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  1. Its been a good 5 years in kaw thanks to everybody that helped me through life i hope u all have good lifes stay safe goodbye kaw :cry:

    And to lm 2 ill miss u guys cc was great

    Clans that help me through stromy times knights by glory lm ll

    Thanks for the support u give me

    Shady loves u all peace
  2. who even is u?
  3. See you in a couple weeks OP 
  4. dont be so rude and ignorant susuke .shady is a vibrant kaw personality. i liked how random you was and individual with your off beat forum thread topics .hopefully blackhand will open once more so you can return back to kaw and your kaw home. best wishes
  5. Thank god. Please don't come back
  6. Back at u. Who are u?
  7. No one has ever heard of you
  8. Banner shows 1year but that's non of my buisness
  9. Shady, you were the funniest cc person ever. Loved your banters. Enjoy your life free from KaW!
  10. Nobody cares about you quitting. Stop seeking attention.
  12. Alt
  13. Alt is leaving but main is staying 
  14. oh god when did u get back plz leave lol, and for shady gl irl bro
  15. Shady u will be greatly missed. U brought a lot to this game and helped me greatly when I started and to those of u who for whatever reason did not or refused to learn from him, its your major loss
  16. Can't say I've known you well, op, but good luck in real life my friend. Best regards
  17. So your retiring your alt.....or else u would have posted with main
  18. See u tomorrow!