"Shadow" Hansels

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  1. Hey guys, Demented again with a not-so fun thread and more of a build thread/

    So as some of you know I have a stickied thread in Strategy about beginners builds, and as of late I've had people commenting both on the thread and in my pm saying that the new best war build is this thing called a Shadow Hansel, which supposedly "isnt covered in my guide as of yet"

    As far as I've been told a Shadow Hansel is when your hansel consists completely of SoS', which personally sucks ass in war. So can I get someone to tell me the "benefits" of having all SoS on your lands?

    More importantly, can someone explain the usefulness of having a Shadow Hansel build?

  2. I thought this was called SOS?

    I'm going back under my bridge. 
  3. Cause sos is better than gh
  4. So did I until I started seeing this:
    pop up on my build thread.
  5. In war, yes I realize that. The point is, its not the best war build out there, so why is it being proclaimed as that? What makes it special? Are there some special mechs I've not been told about?
  6. Only lvl1sos buddy, all lvl one is new gh
  7. Maybe its lvl 1 sos because i beleive they raise plunder. Im not certain though
  8. so are we calling every variant of a hansel a special hansel. Just stick with the name hansel, you're just going to upgrade from those SoS's eventually. (Unless we have another building nerf due to people wanting to stay shadow hansels)
  9. All level 1?

    Plunder gets raised when you upgrade them, though I guess the plunder + the fact your stats are still low means you're basically a little bit stronger than a GH in the end...

    All in all it sounds pretty damn stupid.
  10. I agree but thats not the point of this thread. I simply used the name Shadow to find people that know more about that specific hansel build, as they call it that themselves.
  11. Basically same as gh, higher plunder for lower stats and a high hit ratio
  12. Sorry, i just addressed that someone wanted that to be mentioned, i mean you did mention a normal hansel, right?
  13. Alright thanks Panda (and no offense to what I am about to say)

    Can anyone else confirm Panda's claim? I would like a fair amount of people to agree with him before editing my guide to have that added in.
  14. Umm... what? :shock: your twisting of my words is confusing me, please stop :) thanks
  15. I meant when you said that somebody wanted shadow hansels a part of your build guide, did your build guide already have information on hansels?
  16. sorry if my words are confusing, it's early morning for me. I should stop forumming.
  17. My guide has information on all hansels (Guild, SoS and Vols) but not on this "Shadow Hansel" which I guess has all level 1 SoS'

    So yes it does have information on all hansels.
  18. The soslvl1 makes great plunder and has a good hot range while still paying crap when getting attacked in war. It is the new gh. Panda is correct.
  19. (I expect a nerf soon) Alright thanks B00N