Seventh Anniversary of Chaos Reborn

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  1. And no mention of clans like 12 mongrel dogs or murphys what are you doing
  2. ALSO KOFE doesn't exist?! Where is the respect?
  3. Congratulations CR! Here's to another 7
  4. Happy anniversary

  5. It wasn't the day of their creation, why would they be mentioned? I think you missed the point of the thread, dude that played in 2010.
  6. Must say it's been a very long time since I was in CR but it's nice to see it's still going strong. Congrats and thanks to those who have kept it going all these years.
  7. Just to pay respect to other amazing clans through the years. Maybe I'm weird.. ignore me in that case idk wth I'm talking about
  8. Grats on 7 yrs CR and keep it up !
  9. It isn't a "History of KaW" thread...

    When it's your birthday, you don't also list off all the people who were born around the same time as you.
  10. Congrats on seven years, its crazy at how much has happened.
  11. Happy Birthday guys!
  12. My time there was great. Great family/alliance!!
  13. terrible family. lies and fake start dates. i challenge everything you have said here and i have many ancient warriors to back me up.
  14. from my first day until my last day may i say that all of apocalypse sucks
  15. Congrats on your clan ,thanks for helping us in the past, all our love from tiger's den
  16. Happy Birthday CR! You peeps are just as awesome now as you have always been!