Seven years

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  1. You've definitely matured.
  2. Your mom is mature
  3. I'll have 7 years in October. Started out in carpe diem with wutduhchuck
  4. if i had my orignal account i started a week after game came out on it and i started out in Destruction and mutal ahililatilon or some crap like that then Champions corp then dirffed
  5. Started 7 yrs and 86 days ago, before the Pwars, don't remember my first clan but the second one I still remember; "Epic Veterans" and no. 1 on all three Leaderboards was Majesty. I was Mostly in the clan "HGL" during the Pwars...
  6. Once I was 7 years old and my owner told me
  7. Same same without the carpe diem
  8. Been playing almost 6 years now and don't remember any of u noobs
  9. Not 100% sure if that was you but someone with a similar name was in ca for farming. Not sure what the reason was or what clan it was in. Long time ago.
  10. Teddy and me

    I remember the early days of KaW. There was only Teddy Roosevelt and me.

    He was a notorious farmer.
  11. Eh fairies usually don't know that many relevant people.
  12. My first clan wars Doom Reborn.

    I was one of the only people using speakers for wars to recruit literally anyone so we could war.

    I was like 170kcs when I quit that acc.

    My first ko was a failed action on someone in their mcs.

    I was around when highlands was BC, probably around LL times but I dun remember.

    I was also GH / SSH / SH / SSH for 2-3 years warring, so I stayed small.

    Waste of 5+ years and 50$ or so :)
  13. 7 years player here. I've told my story about 50 times by now, getting bored of rehashing the same stuff:

    I've been in and out. First clan was lion hearts or something.
    Majesty ruled and ScarlettShadow was recent history.
    Meh, game has been getting progressively more pay to win from day 1, I think it's time I lay this game to rest and end the kaw chapter of my life.
  14. I wish people would stop making these type of threads
  15. ScarlettShadow... wasn't she a guy?
  16. Lol yeah, SS pretended to be a girl for so long until people found his fake pics then he came out as a guy. It made for good forum content.
  17. Lmao, I remember SS. I just had to remember it was a guy. Been a couple forumers who pretended to be girls, not sure why *moonface*
  18. Remember in 2014 when a bunch of new formers thought ashesofeden was a girl? :lol:
  19. Yes. Let's stick to the standard "cry about ____" threads that we all need to study.
  20. On my seventh year now. Started as YoungBeckham in 2010. Logged off this game permanently in '15 but came back for the nostalgia. Crazy man.