Serious Inquiries Only!! - FURNISHINGS

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  1. Down below are some of the furnishings I am willing to sell along with Full Sets. The mcs/bcs will depend on level, and rarity of the furnishing/pet/sets. Just let me know in forums or in pms if you want something that I have! - Thanks




    Stairs (Dias)

    Full Sets

    Full sets are being sold as a whole, please do not ask me to trade a piece of furnishing from a full set.

    example: Taking a throne from an already complete set.

    Thaumadrake Set

    Ptelyrios (Fish) Set

    Moonshelf (Bat) Set
  2. how much for the owl?
  3. Yo, Ice throne for snake statue?
  4. meta
  5. Should be locked already a thread with this topic in forums. Try that one.
  6. Yeah, threads like this usually get locked. Is this still open due to the pics added to it?
  7. It would be a good idea if there’s a way to catalogue all furnishings with ss and stats. It’ll be tedious work and a bunch of data entry but it would be very helpful. And be updated when new events come out (royal boxes..etc) you may see me working on this soon Kaw’rs.
    Good job Vampy btw