Septum Ring of the Minotaur

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  1. In order to better align with our recent Event Equipment stat changes we've increased the stats provided by the Septum Ring o the Minotaur.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Holy poo that's a buff and a half
  4. But no shoulders of clan pride increase even tho spent real money on it????
    Its outdated week later cuz u bump orisons shoulders......cmon man
  5. Typo, *of the Minotaur
  6. My trinket looks cool;)
  7. Congrats on lvl 10 Czarno 
  8. Thats a buff alrighty lol
  9. Hard work  pays off?
  10. Officially done investing in this game over Shoulders of Clan's Pride not getting stats increase. So shady, after Topaz Gardbrace of Knowledge dropped, you have a pay to play pay to open box chance drop, Shoulders of Clan's Pride then devalued them by increasing stats of an older pair of shoulders. Very weak customer service and piss poor treatment of formerly loyal customers.
  11. 7k for next level to much.....
  12. Thought i already commented on this thread smh, any who Ty love the new stats definetly still contends with new eb eq Support devs 
  13. How many ppl have level 11 all ready
  14. There is no level 11 
  15. Why have Shoulder's of Clans pride STILL not been increased accordingly? As a paid item released during the same time as Topaz Guardbrace, it should have better stats than Topaz! I will not be participating in future paid chests/items if it is not resolved... Kinda cheated...
  16. In fact, I agree with Mai... If this is the level of customer service, and treatment of loyal gamers, forget all future investing in this game for me as well. I just got a high-paying job... You will miss my $...
  17. Devs have gotten lazy... Game is unbalanced. Store STILL has obnoxious chests from volknight event. Inventory STILL has old crap from past events. No new ebs. Too much copy-paste of ebs and events. Limited popular-demand bug fixes. Bah. Convince me to keep my $ near. Fix my shoulders I paid for.
  18. Yeah right why don't increase compass drop too there's no stats worth chase Toro champs