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  1. We all know that new players don't get into decent clans these days while they're just starting. I think it would be interesting to have a separate server for legit new players (or alts lol) to start up so they can easily find a clan they wanna be in and grow. Only few clans do small EBs. And at certain minimum stats they would be transferred to the main KaW server.

    Just a suggestion. Feel free to add and discuss.
  2. We should have like a button that like shows us like what ebs are like being ran in clans and like that way like new players can like totes find clans that like run small ebs... like.
  3. Funny, ATA created separate servers for their new game to keep the whales and new players separate until they could merge after some growth... So they could do it if they wanted to.
  4. Or we can search the EB title and it will show all clans doing the EB we are looking for. Idk. Lol
  5. nah we good dawg
  6. It takes an alt roughly 10 minutes without a volley to hit atleast 25mcs these days given all the legends. Even the pvp events give you 100 main items which is 1.25t instantly. More than enough gold to hit enough stats to hit most ebs and still enough to hit max plunder
  7. How's bouts a separate server for ƙօեƒҽ RP? ...all that RP is overloading the system :p

  8. I don't get it
  9. That alt tho

  10. Warlor sucks too lol :p
  11. New players only complain about the gap

    Even though they are not in hit range they just complain that someone been playing years longer then them and they want build complete accounts in the first day

    Giving them a noob server would probably eliminate all that complaining

    Let them sit there until they reach 100m cs

  12. There will always be a gap, new players need to stop complaining and hit the EB and do their quests and War the best they can for their stats.

    If you want to grow fast ask plenty of questions and read Forums.

    If you are a youngster, under 13, ask your Dad or someone older that likes to game help you.

    Geez, why do they need to be handed things?

    "Working it" takes a whole new meaning when you play KAW

    werkin n twerkin, ya know
    Gotta do what cha gotta do kid

    Asking questions isn't wrong!
  13. What if my parents are DEAD?Always think about Batman's situation.

  14. We already do...epic battles list in clan events
  15. 80% of the new acc's are only alts anyway,just complaining for the sake of complaining.
  16. Even if this idea had any merit, servers cost way too much. This idea also probably wouldnt change anything. Theyd still be in bad clans just theyd only be able to see bad clans and play with other bad clans and players.
  17. My comment.

  18. You Can say you set the bar to high for this yungin
  19. For get the war part for them growing face it LL war sucks and yes I tried it and you can't say it doesn't lol I lurk wc and see a lot of crying over the LL war