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  1. Why not? Sell us a ton of 'em and buy yourselves something real nice for the holidays.

    Hear me out...

    We'll call it Monthly Charm Packs.

    Have different tiers of custom charms available through purchasing packs, kinda like buying pro packs.

    1.99 charm of Pooh gives you some stat
    4.99 charm number 2 also has stats
    9.99 yada
    24.99 yada
    49.99 yada

    Every month have a different theme of charms or whatever. Idk people I'm just pulling this outta my ass. Help me out.

    What are some services ATA could add that you would spend money on?

  2. If charms are for sale on a cycle/based on time, how is this different than spending nobility (money) on royals each event to complete legends (and get plenty of aqua/inferno along the way to upgrade the charms, and plenty of furniture to sell for charms)?

    Alternatively, doing NK and HTR means you can open Coraxian chests for equipment -> charms, or just “sell” seals and chimes for 400-450/700-750mcs to other players (though the disappearance of premium eb clans is a real possibility in the near future).

    Edit: I’m aware end-tier doesn’t need royals to achieve the 75k if they make like frogs/bunnies and hop constantly. Royals also drop furniture which are still very lucrative to change into charms (compared to “investing” the 344 to max a furniture slot).

  3. It's in addition to. Why sell wheat bread when you already sell white bread? It's all about knowing your market which ATA doesn't really understand me thinks.

    Every account has a max cap on charms so it's a system that's hard to abuse, even with a pay to winawin

    Now let's take a player like yourself just returning to kaw. Charms from legends are a must for you. In fact you as a new player need those legends even more so because you don't have the charm base of others. And those legends just got a lot harder for new players. Regardless you aren't catching up. You're barely maintaining how far behind everyone else you are.

    Think if you could be a new player, spend 50 bucks buying some charms and now suddenly you can hit Noth/Goth rotations. That's a huge step forward.

    Make sense? You aren't playing catch up right now, your just another rat stuck in the race.

    Furthermore, look at half the LB accounts. They have more power in charms than a BC build would have. That's insane. And how you think they got 250+ of one single item? The black market is crazy on charms. ATA might as well put that money in their pocket and give the option to all players. That's how you level the playing field, well at least make it fair.