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  1. I know I am a noob but it's a pain having to sell all pots before each low land war , especially for those who war in phone , so please devs add a button or an option to sell the pots at once . Thank you
  2. Well this has been asked several times and always got support,but devs just don't care us lol
  3. Or atleast hide the pot screen while ll
  4. SupportÓźė
  5. Support. But i don't think this is very high up priority list tbh.
  6. No support
    But support to removing ll wars
  7. Why sell pots?
  8. Saves time when trying to hit right?
  9. We should also add a automatic empty troop/spy button too! It should go off every hour regardless if we're on or not and after the second time it builds us to bc with 2 googlplex in gold and strips are no longer a thing, playing the game is no longer a thing.

    Oh and a insta win button for lazy EE players. :roll:
  10. This is completely irrelevant. Where did this even come from?
  11. Sorry shadow did I need your permission to post sarcasm, no? Well there ya go then.

    @OP Either link account to pc so you can sell all pots easily or deal with selling them 500 at a time, maybe don't buy so much. Forethought is severly lacking.
  12. Says someone who probably hasn't done a ll war and trolling without experiencing the real problem
  13. #madcuzbad
  14. Oh I've done low land wars, was 6 years ago however. I'll reiterate for you morons out there, buy less pots, don't buy pots or link to pc.

    The real problem? The real problem is you feel entitled to have the game cater solely towards what you want, not what will benefit the vast majority. Selfish cries to be spoiled will be treated as such.
  15. No, this feature would help everybody. I don't do and never will do low land wars but I do have thousands or tens of thousands of every item at any one time. Others have more. You're right about linking to PC, but that's still not a great fix.
  16. If this is at me, I wasn't saying you didn't have permission. I was saying what you said made no sense, like me randomly spurting that the sky is blue.
  17. If you can't understand how I was mocking his suggestion I can't really help you, there's a limit of how far I can dumb things down.

    As to if I was referring to you, yea duh you quoted me genius. Also you have your old 2012 name Shadow Warrior of Death in your name, so if I said shadow in the first bit and @Original Poster in the second bit, I just don't understand how you're not following this.

    If you have tens of thousands of any given pot, you obviously bought them on a device 500 at a time. Now if you aren't going to link PC or even be involved with ll wars and their need to attack faster with no pot screen, what do you really need a sell all option for? The answer is simple; you don't need it you just want it.

    Not every little update or suggested improvement has to be about what every player wants exactly how they want it, moving into that entitlement territory I mentioned earlier. You're all playing a game made by people who want to make the content they want, it is their licensed product after all not ours, they can make whatever damn update they please. None of them are forcing us to play whatever that it may be they come up with or make an idea their own with some obvious differences, we make this decision ourselves and to complain and cry and demand and fight over whether or not we think it is beneficial overall is foolish and quite childish, with a dash of arrogance.
  18. I could tell you were mocking him but it made no sense. You were talking about stupid **** when he suggested a logical feature.

    I was fairly sure you meant me by shadow, but there wasn't any reason you couldn't say Fruity so I made sure.

    I meant that other people have tens of thousands of pots that they keep for outside of system wars, but may want to try lowland wars or may do them inconsistently, meaning a sell all button would help.

    There is a difference between asking for an easier game like doubling plunder or getting twice as many actions, or free crystals every day, and asking for a logical feature like a sell all button instead of pressing the sell button a hundred times per item. That doesn't add to gameplay in any way.
  19. I support this, atleast for iPhones.... After switching from android there are a lot of things I like about the iOS version better but the way potions are sold - is a complete and unnecessary PITA. You only get to sell x amount once per screen then you return to the main marketplace screen and must reselect the amount you want sold and press sell again. Please atleast change it so iOS sell option is the same as android...
  20. Common guys we are in the presence of a true veteran! He was doing LL wars 6 years ago because they were a real thing back then.