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  1. If you’ve got anything to sell, sell it here. I currently have the new Pet and the new Stairs for sale. I also have other pets available. Hit me up. I can not post to world chat right now, hence why I’m making a sell thread. So sell your stuff here. :)

  2. Theres already a trading thread made by ajax.
  3. Selling my 3.8T ally 5mcs Spells active from pvp event
  4. Ajax thread is already wildly used!
  5. no support
  6. My virginity
  7. Used toilet paper with extras

    Start the bidding at 25 cents
  8. As several have pointed there's already a similiar thread that has the same purpose. It can be found here. Please use that thread for trading items in your Showcase.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.