secret to beating zaft

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  2. The secret to beating Zaft is to not pick a fight with them.
  3. Secret to beating ZAFT

    Don't engage in combat, or anything that will provoke them. :lol:
  4. Next thread by OP will be next week including the deepest apologies to Zaft lol
  5. The secret to beating ZAFT is to make a multi-clan alliance. You 1v1 a ZAFT clan, and after a couple months, you cf and rebuild your clan. Then another clan in your secret alliance will declare war on ZAFT for a few months, to be replaced by yet another clan in your alliance. Your clan will grow while ZAFT won't due to the extended war. Then a fourth partner could come in around the year mark, and later, all four clans could start heavy strips on the remaining (weakened) members of the clan remaining. The war would have to be intricately planned, with many families of clans involved.
  6. How to beat ZAFT? Kill each of them in real life.
  7. If you put all clans into combat from the start, ZAFT will immediately call in allies for support. Another method would be to join ZAFT's opponent if another war similar to Apoc starts.
  8. This hit-and-run tactic was used by North American natives to kill ancient elephants. They'd run up close to an elephant, throw their spears, then run away. They'd follow the elephant and repeat the steps until the elephant bled out. This supplies the natives with enough food to feed their families for weeks or months at a time.
  9. Shrek it's not called "hit
  10. Ambersand smh. It's not called "hit
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  12. Hit and run? Yes it is.
    The clans would theoretically hit, then run and be replaced by a puppet clan within a few days.
  13. The fancy name for it is guerrilla warfare.
  14. Pretty much. It would be pretty much covert operations. A few moles in the clan would be helpful as well. The alliance's affiliation would have to be kept top secret. The owners would have to lie to their members.
  15. How did you figure out our secret?