secret to beating zaft

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by WhatAreYouLookingAt, May 14, 2013.

  1. I think you just have to chop them up like a piece of meat :lol:
    What do you guys think?
  2. A bit violent in a 9 game
  3. Hey where my ******* plus ? 
  4. Secret to getting farmed...making this thread
  5. I see no reason for that :|
  6. Wow! This is so insightful! I'll be sure to tell drgn right away so he can learn the secret to defeating zaft!

  7. ZAFT couldn't hit op if they tried..
  8. To small :|
  9. A real stroke of genius. Ill remember that after ive been stripped of all including my pride and farmed till I quit
  10. Pride? Is there an eb that gives you that? They only loss of pride I see here is yours, permanent. Takes real humility to kiss so much behind, I suggest maybe a chapstick
  11. You should no. How much do you kiss daily  hmmm
  12. I suggest you ask your Masters that, Permanently-gelded.
  13. Oh do you kiss them. Hmm I was wondering
    Why they looked so happy of lately. Now I no.
    That's good I'll buy you the Chapstick keep up the good work
  14. Are you 12? You are, aren't you? Run along, the misters are talking.
  15. Jeb is asking for personal info! Ban
  16.  really are you trying to make yourself feel bigger cause you have a quest to try and belittle me by thinking I'm 12. Well just keep trying. Theirs a good lad. You go right ahead and keep on guessing you might get it right one day
  17. You have already belittled yourself, permanently-silenced. 1. By assuming pride is lost by a refusal to back down, and 2. By admitting that you do indeed have masters on a taptap game. Smh