second bar in HTE

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  1. I thought devs we giving for events bringing back the second bar in HTE. It can be completed so fast and that little extra helped us smaller clans. Are they that cheap... Sigh
  2. Yea what happened ata Grant ?
  3. That would cost ATA revenue.. You think they care about the community... Heck no.. Lol
  4. GRANT IS IN SMASH trying to explain the changes they made in that app
  5. it was only for last event

  6. But overall the community wanted it cause HTE is obsolete now with the new builds so huge... But ATA doesn't care cause it decreases there revenue
  7. Let's hope after ZTA they bring back the 2nd HtE bar. It does seem like 20 unloads is enough to kill the eb. Which is not worth the 59 nobs.

  8. Of course the community wanted it it was 50% more hte for free.....why would the devs ever go for that long term? Same people that made zta $10 and lasts about the no they dont care and it would be stupid of them to do it ...they are a business after all and people are still willing to pay $5 for regular hte ...until that stops dont expect anything to change
  9. Hte is Obsolete now. Kaw is getting boring same ole Ebs!! .same crap from Devs nothing new but event after event. Devs need to address the situation....and make new ebs... And the lands will keep coming and we will get bigger and bigger and complete HTE like revenge of warbeasts in 10 secs
  10. Extra bar should be kept. I agree.
  11. We do need new ebs... The only reason we do older ebs is cause of Br. No one would be doing those
  12. True, maybe ebs that are very rarely done, for example: Battle Royale should be replaced with new ebs.
  13. Guys I have a great idea... Let's all insult the devs as much as we can! That way they will for sure improve the game!! I think it will work..
  14. Did you not see WC during pvp glitch the other day? I think enough abuse was given.
  15. The additional HTE bar should be readded and on the topic of older ebs not being used, there is always events. Perhaps the devs could do like they did with older events and shuffle the ebs around so that every eb drops items however a specific eb is dropping 50% more items. This would give people incentives to try out different ebs during events. Outside of normal events the devs could run increased plunder promos on some of the lesser used ebs or perhaps just look into increasing the plunder slightly on a few of them in order to make them worthwhile.
  16. The extra bar being removed from Hte is a mistake imo ,it represented good value for all stats to hit and a fair return for your money rather than the current EB .
  17. I heard Grant was running as Canada's 2016 Bachelor. No phones on dates, boys!