Seasonal War Tournaments

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  1. I stopped spending long ago..winner of ASW war is the team with the best moles in other clans.
  2. Any asw?
  3. Thats old war from last year 2019, why does kaw renews last year old wars which is long passed? Until now i still dont see no new season wars &/or ASW 2020!! this years war is missing, dont look good for yearly war achievements.
  4. Asw should have been two weeks ago, but its not a copy n paste event so, rip.
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  5. Asw please
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  6. Yay! ASW finally announced, I can stop checking this thread 😂! (It’s at the bottom of the anniversary event post). No date yet, but still glad to know it’s confirmed and coming.
  7. I am coming “AWS 2020”

    😏”We Can Win This” Says the Snail to the Tiger
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